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Patch 2023-03-22: new Encyclopedia, zigs, allegories, NH, temples, OP materials

On March 22, 2023 there will be a patch of the clients and the server as well as a restart of the server.

Discover below the nice new features and improvements implemented!

Encyclopedia, new version

  • The first rite of the new version of the Encyclopedia, "Adopt a Zig", is available in the Chest of Wisdom (shift+E or E).
  • As a prerequisite for this rite, you need a RYWARD Gubani plushie (the plushie in the inventory bag must be converted first), which you can buy from the Shadow Runners tribe or get at the Gubani Wheel. A player may also give it to you and that's pretty cool!
  • Grab your plushie and start the rite.
  • Once the rite has been completed, you will be allowed to adopt one or more Gubani Zigs for 70 Elyps each. (Of course, the Zig pieces obtained at the Gubani Wheel can still be used to obtain a Zig directly).
  • To avoid the rush during the release of this first rite, it will cost Elyps for the first 7 days, on a declining scale, then it will be free as of the 8th day onwards. So, if you have the soul of a pioneer, and have a little reserve of Elyps, come and check it out early!

Zigs are coming to Rywards

  • Good news: when you open the "Animals/Mount" or "Animals/Zigs" section in Rywards (shift+E or E), all the animal skins you own are automatically added. So you can easily change them as you like.
  • As simple as ever: assemble the pieces of mount or zig obtained at the wheel, and get the skin directly in Rywards.
  • To apply the skin of your choice to your mount, start by placing it in a stable, then open "Animals/Mount" in Rywards, choose the skin you want, then click on "Apply".
  • For a zig, first place it in a stable or in your bag, and do the same from the "Animals/Zigs" section in Rywards.


  • We have added 4 new Allegories to be engraved at "Loigi Giurgi" north of the Matis arena.
  • The prices has been reduced, so don't hesitate!
  • "Last breath": 0.5% chance to {5F5F}survive with 1 HP instead of dying.
  • "Profitable Loot": Turn loot materials into generic ones for common creatures. 0.1% chance to {5F5F}get double quantity of some materials.
  • "Joyful Harvest": 0.1% chance to extract, during an ectraction session, an item to bring to the Collector in Capitals for identification.
  • "Happy Hunt": 0.1% chance to {5F5F}find, during a hunt session, an unidentified object to give to Collector NPC in Capitals.

New Horizons (NH) (coming soon)

We've simplified the teleportation systems by keeping only the 2 major options: faction teleporters and New Horizons (NH). We have to admit that an NPC magically teleporting himself was… special!

Therefore, the following changes will take place in the next few days:

  • NPCs that teleported from the temple to Almati Wood has been removed.
  • The NPC in the Marauder's Camp that only teleported once to Almati (a bit lazy that one…) is replaced by a full NH (i.e. accepts trade products and gives Marauder's Faction points).
  • Almati's NPCs that serve as teleporters are all removed to make room for a NH (also possibly full).
  • Finally, Silan also has its own NH (but it will not be active until much later).
  • It is no longer possible to go to a destination using NH if you have not visited it before, as is the case with teleporters. As there are still a few days left before NH changes, it's time to visit all the possible destinations via NH! \o/

The temples

After 10 years of waiting, the reconstruction of the temples is finally over! Hurray!

NPC Indicator

If you are desperately looking for an NPC, you can now politely ask other NPCs to tell you where they might be.

Outpost materials

A rather shady NPC has been spotted going from outpost to outpost, touring Atys. It is said that it trades outpost materials from a faction's drill for the same materials from another faction's drill (Kami, Kara or Marauder).

That's it for this patch!

As always, the Ryzom Team remains at your disposal for any additional information and wishes you a good game!

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can't trade any plushie/teddy at all, of any type.

these taking up 5 bulk each mean i won't keep them on my toon, i will drop them in my keepsake guildhall, but to do that i must first trade them to my alt that controls that guildhall.

so the patch notes about trading a teddy are wrong or unclear as to how because they don't show up as tradable items when exchanging with another toon.


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It was in a previous patch: you'll have to go to the NPC at the wheel, and ask him to tup the plushies from your bag (one by one) in Rywards. Once in Rywards, they can be sent via "IG mail" through the "Exchange" command from Rywards.


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I love the new alegories, I found one of them (loot of generic mats) to be very pratical for leveling craft skills.
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