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What is it?

The new loot1 locking system is an addition to the current system. Until now, when a creature is killed, the loot is given to the player or team having inflicted the most of damage.

This rule still applies if the loot is not locked. If it is locked, then the team that has locked it will receive the loot even if it has done little damage.

How to lock a loot?

Only teams can lock a loot. To do this, at least two members of the team have to be in the aggro2of the creature at the same time.

Example: A team composed of PlayerA and PlayerB wants the loot of the Foobar creature. PlayerA reaches the creature first and starts to fight it alone. The loot is not yet locked.

PlayerB then joins the fight: the loot locks.

How does a
loot unlock?

If no player of the team is no longer in the aggro of the creature, then the loot is no longer locked. Note that dying expels the character from the aggro of the creature.

Example: A team locks the loot but all its members are killed. The loot is no longer locked.

Another example: A team locks the loot but is attacked by a patrol of kitins. They flee to shelter and get away from Foobar. They so get out of the aggro of the creature: the loot is no longer locked.

How do I know if a
loot is locked by my team or by another one?

To let you know whether or not you have locked the loot, an icon appears below the level indication of the creature:

If the icon is blue: the loot is locked for your team!

If the icon is red: another team has already locked the loot.

Is the loot of a boss locked by attacking its guards?

Yes, but the boss loot is locked only for 90 seconds after each entry in the aggro of one of the boss guards. To keep this lock, one of the possibilities is to permanently attack the guards first and then end up by the boss, the other possibility being to directly attack the boss whose loot will be locked in the same way as that of the other creatures.

As a result, attacking its guards is not enough to lock a boss loot and, according to this point, the current Code of Conduct is no longer valid (it will be updated quickly). If you are too long at attack of the guards and that another team gets in the meantime the boss lock, try again next time!


[1] The loot is the whole of materials and items one gets from a dead creature.

[2] Being in the aggro of a creature means being a threat to the said creature and that it will try to attack you. For a carnivorous creature, to be close to it is enough. For an other kind of creature, you must be close to it and attack it or help a character attacking it.

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Interesting. So this means that I can "hold" a Boss with a teammate (two ppl), locking the Boss down until I get hold of some more people to help me, lets say cpl hours later?

Or is there a timer for how long you can lock the creature down?

And if your team almost gets wiped and needs to leg it, thus losing the aggro of the Boss, will the lock be removed directly or is there a "cooldown" time from when the team loses the aggro?

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I don't see why Ryzom has to punish other players for helping to kill a boss. I suggest a different approach: Everyone who helped gets rewarded with different reward tiers.

Keep the dealt damage % as measurement and add reward tiers. For example:

Tier 1: Minimum reward, needs 5% or more total damage to the boss. 5 mats.
Tier 2: Standard reward, needs 20% or more total damage to the boss. 20 mats.
Tier 3: Bonus reward, needs 50% total or more total damage to the boss. 60 mats.

So if a team is killing a boss and non teamed players start attacking it, it could work like this:

Team 73% damage, 60 lootable mats for one member of the team, can share internally.

Player A: 21% damage, 20 lootable mats for the player.

Player B: 5% damage, 5 lootable mats for the player.

Player C: 1% damage, no loot

Last one prevents player from just hitting a boss once or twice and get rewarded for basically no contribution. With this a boss reward is divided up into different loot scenarios, fully automated and with little work. It would be nice to tell the player their current reward / loot tier, but this might be technically challenging.

The percentages have to add up to 100% so it is impossible to infinitely get loot. If two teams attack it, it will be likely one does > 50% and the other automatically less, so 60 mats and 20 mats. This could add their own little challenges on killing bosses, who gets more then half of its hp down.

Technical implementation could be: attach a player => damage list to each boss. For each successful hit sum up the damage for the player. If the boss is dead, go through the damage list and decide for each player if allowed to loot and amount of mats.

Could also add a timeout, so if no damage is dealt for 5 min the player gets removed from the list and has to start again.

I have seen this in other mmos and it works nicely. It draws player together and rewards teamwork on a larger scale. If you look at the regular NPC hunt organized by the community, a similar system is in place. Everyone who helped gets a share in the end.


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If somemone is willing to help, and the others accept his help, he may simply be invited to join the team ?

9 people for a boss is pretty enought.

If for any reason he cannot be teamed, but his help expected, the group can reward him later with a standard exhange.

I don"t like the idea that someone could get a automatic reward for a unexpected participation.


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ich denke das dieses loot System nur vermeiden soll, das andere Gruppen das loot stehlen kann, wenn eine andere Gruppe schon angefangen hat den Boss zb zu bekämpfen.

so wird es schwieriger für eine zu spät gekommene Gruppe die mehr schaden verursachen könnte das loot den erst eingetroffenen wegzunehmen.

wenn die 2te Gruppe hilft, und die erste ihnen etwas abgeben möchte, dann ist das ja nicht das Problem :)
normal hält man sich ja raus, wenn eine Gruppe schon an einem Boss am kämpfen ist , zu mindestens sollte es so sein ^^


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C'est une très bonne modif, je me demande qui des joueurs ou des CSR sont les plus heureux :p

@Arc, in this case, if another team shoot the boss it's for stealing it not for giving help.
If a team want to help, they can do it, and, the other team decide if they want to give a reward or not.


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@Arc, in this case, if another team shoot the boss it's for stealing it not for giving help.

Because this is how Ryzom decided to do it. Imagine you can't steal a boss anymore. If someone attacks it, it is killed faster because more damage and everybody wins. This means everybody gets a reward.



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J'ai une question : est-ce que le verrouillage ne concerne que le loot ou bien aussi le gain en XP ?
Ce gain était conditionné par la même limite des 50% de dommage.


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Because this is how Ryzom decided to do it. Imagine you can't steal a boss anymore. If someone attacks it, it is killed faster because more damage and everybody wins. This means everybody gets a reward.


I really don't like that, if you want to be rewarded, seek and kill boss.

What you suggest is a reward for opportunistic people.

Why a team would allow enemies to get free boss mats ?
Friends will always probably rewarded for help anyway.


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Let's look at the new loot lock system logically.
If two players, as a team, start to attack a boss, then they will get a loot lock but they must remain part of that attack process. If other join in, they will not get the loot lock, regardless of the damage they do, unless they become part of that initial team.
If the original team lose the lock by dying, or running away then, rightly, another team can try their luck. Even if the original team did the majority of the damage, it does not give them the right to claim the boss, because they were not able enough to complete the task.
If a second team decides to help the first team but are not invited to the original team, which has the loot lock, then it is down to common decency, just as it is now, when it comes to distributing the loot.
Any decent player will acknowledge the help of others when it comes to the sharing of the loot.
However, just as exists now, one unscrupulous player could just take all the loot and run, if they are part of the loot lock team.
Bear in mind that, as Tamarea's original text states, the loot lock system is an addition to the existing system.

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By what I see the loot lock system is just so a group can not jump into a fight and steal the loot. What the loot locked group does with the loot is up to them.

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gotta give them credit for trying to imporve the looting system.  (do think the whole only one person get's loot and they have to distribute it thing will always run the risk of abuse by a selfish player, i can't help but think of kitin events... the best solution i've seen to making the looting system fair is the one used by "yubo ho-ho" where everyone invloved gets the same amount and type of loot as long as they were invloved in the fight, problem is thats an event mob and might not be something transfered to normal mobs of the game).

just my 2 dappers.


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Whilst I don't disagree that, ideally, an automatic distribution of the loot, to all those involved in the fight is the best way, it is not clear cut as to who they would be. Do you just distribute amongst those in the loot lock team and leave it down the that team to acknowledge the potential help from others? Do you develop some complex algorithm to decide who was doing damage and who was healing at the time?

The second issue is that automatic distribution has a basic arithmetic problem. Regardless of how many items are given as loot, how do you distribute fairly between 2,3,4,5,6,7 or however many there are in the team, when we cannot give a fraction of a bone, bud, tooth, horn or whatever the items are to be looted?

To do this fairly, the number of items would need to be dynamic and that would create an additional problem. For example why should a team of seven get more items, in total, than a team of two, simply because we cannot give fractions of an item.

The way in which we distribute loot at present, is to divide the loot by the number of guilds involved but the same issue of fractional parts of an item still arises and, currently it is up to the homin distributing the loot to decide on the most appropriate way.

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You forgot to mention how to deal with those who say, "I don't need the mats. I was just here to help out." Also, if I bring Widget to a boss fight, are we 1 guild or 2? (She is not a Rift Walker; she is an Expendable Asset.) If we keep it manual, then we side-step those issues. Those that just helped for fun instead of profit won't get stuff they don't want, and those with alts won't double-dip.


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Only good way I have ever seen to deal with loot in groups is use the /random 100 command. Who ever has the highest number gets the loot to do with what ever they decide. If someone does not want loot they just don't roll.
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