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Ok now this is a wierd bug I am doing the quest
"Assess the the Kitin Threat"

Now for the text it says
"Find and target <unknown.ia>

What the heck? it won't even tell me who I have to find. This
has to be a bug.

What the heck gives with this quest? can some one look at this
issue please and fix this.

I have attached a screenshot of this as well

Can some one please look into this bug?

Thank you,

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Vulgar Kipees are part of a spawn with Vigorous Kipees.  If none are left alive, the results you report are given.  I have killed the Vigorous kipees and the whole spawn should now be available for your killing pleasure.


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It still shouldn't say what it did for me.. I do believe this is a bug
that needs to be looked at.

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This is a bug most players are familiar with. I agree it should be fixed, but I really don't believe that there are developer resources available for it. :< Maybe you should just forget about the missions and level/grind skills... ;)


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Hi Darkshadow!

Yes this bug is very old. The mission-giver does say which kipee to kill in their diologue, but the journal is missing the name. You can usually get a quicker answer to small bugs like this by asking in the Universe channel.

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i can't count the number of times this has come up, and normally it's addressed in the uni chat channel in game, and there are always some players that help explain the mission and what the person needs to do with it.

issue severity: minor

solution: when you encounter a bug, ask in uni chat to see if it's common or not; send a ticket via the support system; post here and see what the community at large knows.

again my two dappers.


(should be noted that there are bugs in ryzom, and that some of them are very old and are minor when compared to other known bugs.)


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If ya go east of FH on map you come to a "Lonely Mountain". there is a cave with a well in it )Entrance on east side). The Vulgar Kipees are in there mixed with Vigorous. Prolly have to kill. Did this after noting that I never did 2 welcome missions.... Both did not work as when I went to NPC after killing them, he wouldn't talk to me.

The other one was training swords made them 4 times, tries all the usual fixes, none worked.


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