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We are offering for auction a set of q200, max sap load, maga heal amps.  Admittedly, these lack the raw power of the q250 version, but they are still an excellent choice for boss hunts.  Why use q250 when q200 is good enough? These are perfect for healing the tank on all named, q220 bosses and most q270 bosses. Why not save your fancy q250 amps for when u need them?

All proceeds of auction will go to the Lost Girls' Feed the Orphans Fund.*

*For every 100k bid, Lost Girls will donate another 100k to Feed the Orphans Fund.

[OOC Bidding starts at 300k. Auction ends 06/09/2015 at 18pm BST.]

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Q200 amps are lovely for the everyday working male who's goal is to keep his homina safe and sound.


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Reminder: bidding ends tonight.  I do not get from holiday until tomorrow, if the winning bidder could contact either Marichia, or wait for me.


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Oh, they are so pretty...... *sigh*
I just love the trail of sparkles they leave behind. Totally impossible for me to resist these lovely amps. My sister says I cannot have another pair, but I managed to make a few dappers on my own, and hid them under my bed. Promise I can pay you. But shhhhh... dont tell her, I would get grounded if she knew.

I bid 600.000 dappers
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