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I've been noticing lately that whenever i try to log into megacorp using my iPhone i get a message saying {unknown error}. THis also happens if I use an android phone, and even an iPad, bit not when using a computer.

Clearly If i have a computer with me and I place time into chatting, I would rather be on Atys properly, and hence only recurr to megacorp when I don't have a computer to play.

Has anyone else had this issue and if so, how have you solved it?

Please help.

Thanks beforehand

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i hear that there are issues with megacorp right now regardless of connection device.

could be wrong but just wanted to share what's been said in uni lately.


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Reported it some time ago they are working on it.

Has nothing to do with what device you use. But happens when you logout of megacorp or us a device that's never been on megacorp.
The site still works with ppl that where logged in before the bug on autologin.

what i asked on irc tonight:
<SuBoX> any word on when megacorp migh be back?
<Tiximei> sorry, but no
<SuBoX> k


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just saw it's fixed for me


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