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~Hello Homins~

Our calling is to serve and protect Atys from the Kitin, and to help others, no matter their race or faction. We will always try to extend a helpful hand, as Alervinda did to the Blue Ocyx and the Young Huntress.
As a guild, we have a family like atmosphere, so once you're here, prepare for a supportive and friendly group of homins that will always have your back. Even if it means tping somewhere strange to rez you. ^-^
We are a completely neutral Ranger guild, so if you're a Fyros, Zorai, Tryker, Matis, it doesn't matter~
We enjoy teaming up to do things like hunting,trekking, training, and digging. We are growing, but since we are still currently a rather small guild, we have some time to do solo work too.
When we say completely neutral, we mean completely neutral. We have (or are working towards having) positive fame in all races and cults. Unless it is for the benefit of the Rangers, we are not involved in politics.
We are a passive group of homins so, we don't PvP or engage in any aggressive behaviors. 

If Spirit of Alervinda sounds like home to you, feel free to contact any of us~ Hope to see you around Atys even if it's just to say hi!

Meggy – Guild Leader
Kaean - High Officer
Fliptop - High Officer
Asterwillow - High Officer
Karagoz - High Officer
Mshadow - High Officer
Rekyrom - High Officer

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Dang -- Now I'm going to have to change my sig. Still, it's nice to have another true neutral guild on Atys. Welcome, Spirit of Alervinda.


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Phaedreas Tears - 15 years old and first(*) of true neutral guilds in Atys.
(*) This statement is contested, but we are certainly the longest lasting.
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Best of luck and lots of fun times to Spirit of Alervinda.

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Curious if you're still expanding! Sent you a message hope to hear back, cheers :D


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Good luck with your new guild and hoping all the best for you.


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Bump ;D *Love my Guild*


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I'm curious, is there a minimum level in anything to join?


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Spirit of Alervinda

The Legend of the Blue Ocyx: The story of Alervinda the Huntress from the Chronicles of Atys

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No limits on levels :) the only requirement is that you remain neutral, and peacful :)


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Rock SoA ;) pnref=story



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SoA SkY :) pnref=story



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This is Skywarp, how do i contact you Meggy Out of Game? I'm on right now you logged in said Haiiiiii Anyone Here and before i typed back you Woooshhhh Disappeared lol


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SOA is 2 today!!!! 730 days old!!! love you guys <3


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Congratulations on your 2nd Birthday.

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Congratulations SoA <3


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well done, very proud of all of you; here's to the next 2.



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