#16 [en] 

You will notice English guilds tend to stick to the traditional roles (fyros+zorai kamis, tryker+matis karavan). Still up for debate why, the easy explanation is gameplay advantages.

As for activity .. afraid Ember's advice is the best. Travel around, see who's active, who you like to talk to and hang out with. There *are* differences, just not obvious.

(and as a side-note, the French community doesn't seem so bent on the whole guild thing. Starting your own usually turns out disastrous, but it can work given patience .. and harvester/crafter friends *g* )


#17 [en] 

Not to mention that there are many guilds that are not listed in this catalog at all but are listed elsewhere in the registry and that there are also guilds not listed in the registry anywhere.


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#18 [en] 

I am going to change my time zone soon so this would not really help me now...

Another requirement to the group (except pro-kami and neutral), and, actually, the main requirement, is that I am looking for a "pro-RP" group. I was suggested that it's easier to find them among the marauders, but I still hope to do pro-kami... Even though I can imagine some marauders could be pro-kami too.

#19 [en] 

@Mjollren : could you add La Firme and Alkiane both as Matis/Karavan french speaking guilds please?

Noichigo (atys)
Even though I can imagine some marauders could be pro-kami too.

I hardly think so. Let's quote the Lore :
We have faith in ourselves. We survived in the Old Lands without the help of the Kami or that of the Karavan. We learned to rely only on ourselves and have realized that we can surpass the authority of the Powers.


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#20 [en] 

I have seen marauders who would cooperate with Karavan though...

#21 [en] 

There's a problem, this forum is for English players mostly. Sure, I can add French/German guilds, but to do that someone should help with compiling the full list ... not much use in painting a partial picture.

So far I have AoH and Seve Noire because they chose to have a presence in the English forum, and I can assume they accept bilingual people. Eclaireurs is a questionable entry, and if we walk down that path I'd like to know someone helps with compiling the info on foreign guilds (active and recruiting) :)

I have added the Wandering Hermits under an "allegiance unknown" category too. If I missed any English guild or miscategorized, feel free to send corrections.

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#22 [en] 

Added Sobirania and Lost Girls. Fixed Wandering Hermits as kami with civ unknown. Added info that The Soul and Magister Mortalis are no longer active.

Still debating how long I should wait until marking guilds inactive - haven't seen Dazzie, Toak or Liverion's guilds in forever. Clan de la Seve Noire lives with Alric mostly.


#23 [en] 

Dazzie was online a week ago - I spoke to her myself and Cara Via is active if small in number.  I am online almost every day.  *Waves*


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#24 [en] 

Mjollren (atys)
haven't seen Dazzie, Toak or Liverion's guilds in forever.
I pop in on an alt every now and then :P


#25 [en] 

edit post and sorry, Mjo put us as marauder now, no mercenaries

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#26 [en] 

Toak (atys)
Mjollren (atys)
haven't seen Dazzie, Toak or Liverion's guilds in forever.
I pop in on an alt every now and then :P

well don't forget to say hi to a few of ur friends toakage.


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#28 [en] 

No it isn't.



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#29 [en] 

Please define us (Guardians of Shadows) as Tryker / kami now - still English speaking except when the Dutch take over chat!

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#30 [en] 

Lost Girls listed again as mercenary at their request (was marauder).

Guardians of Shadows listed as tryker/kami instead of neutral/kami.

Grave of the Fireflies listed as zorai/kami instead of neutral/kami.

Wandering Monks listed as zorai/kami instead of neutral/kami.

Celestai added as zorai/kami.


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