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ok so we get 4 dynamic user made chat channels, one problem (two really, but the same thing either way): English uni and events channels count as dynamic channels, that's not right, unless we can have a total of 6 dynamic chat channels, since these two server channels list as user channels, is there any plan to correct this, i have 3 dynamic channels i want to use, and can only keep two of them open and running because English uni and/or events prevents me from keeping them all open.

the uni channel (or it's language based alt's) should not count as dynamic, and events should also likewise not count as dynamic, since both are forced channels you can't use /channel * and leave them to free up a dynamic channel (events doesn't allow any input at all, thus making it harder. (also don't think that kami/karavan/marader should count as dynamic, and if the civ's have channels for being aligned, those also should not count as dynamic)

it we can have 4 user defined channels to use as we please, nothing that is created by the server as a default should count towards this number, so i see two options to cure this, allow more then just 4 dynamic user channels, or correct the fact that server based/forced channels not count against the dynamic channel count.

thanks and hope this can be fixed or at least addressed here.


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