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+1, nice, see, someone was watching :)

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+1, nice idea :)

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I would have read this sooner, but I've been AFK.


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+1, very useful.


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as a grand master of the "afk" i have this data to share:

when you go /afk if you do this:

(example) /afk i'm taking care of the baby right now be back soon

someone else can see in "around" (if they send you a "tell"):

(example) talkirc is away from keyboard. i'm taking care of the baby right now be back soon

this is handy for those that use the "user chat" and have "around" as an option when sending a tell to a player that is afk. even without the added message of what you want (in my example "i'm taking... ...back soon") the around will still say "(insert name) is away from the keyboard"

it would be nice if the little light on the friends and guild list would turn a different color when (yellow would work, so would red) when someone goes officially /afk.

i also like the idea that when a user does a /who if the list would show as eruv said:
this would help to cut down on sending others in region a tell for a rez.

while this option i'm giving now would be the hardest (i think) it would also be nice that anyone that has no activity (moving, chatting, sorting gear/mats/ect) for 10 minutes would automatically become /afk tagged. this would also be a nice feature because sometimes RL demands that we move quickly and can't always take the few seconds to apply the 6 (six) keystrokes to go /afk (enter once to "open" the chat, /afk, enter again to apply the command)

these are just my thoughts and ideas on this thread's topic in general, i'm sure most would agree.



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