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my idea for future events like this, post a time line, one that says how long the event will run, and when the deadline is for said event. at the end of the time given, they take the %'s and create partial camps ect. there were changes made that made this much less appealing to the typical players (the bulk and such, from what i gather, you were able to carry everything on your person on the old servers)

further note, not everyone is a digger, like me, so there's not really much i can do, i won't risk my trusty mount for this, and since i can't do it with just my own strong back and dedication, i won't be able to help. i get nothing for guarding the diggers, i can't take the mission, because i don't dig, and because the mat's are not tradeable i get nothing.

but i'm sure that the powers that be are watching and learning from this, and if we are luck, next time we'll have something that's more friendly to ALL player styles (because let's face it, not everyone likes to dig)

just a few more random dappers from me :)


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[Will be added]

Few things can be modified in this event because of technical issues but it seems to be possible to add dappers rewards for diggers. Will be added soon.


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