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National Transports, explanations and missions.

system is virtually never in need of products, after this many YEARS i think it's about time to finally fix this system and remove the whole "needs use before you can help" this is the ONLY thing still making NH feel like it's a beta2 release. (the first beta was improved with the ability to turn all in at once, minor bug that allows 36 now vs original 35 resulted in this change), now if we could only turn in once every 23 hours reguardless of if the system is used or not (more often not used then used) we'd have a final product worthy of the greatness ryzom deserves.talk


Remickla (atys)
Other games - they give you a cookie whether you succeed or not, in fact you don't even have to participate. Ryzom takes your cookie, eats it in front of you, and slaps you 2 or 3 times for bringing a cookie in the first place.
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