The Upper Branches (all in one thread)

chapter 63 ("the final plans" last story in the upper branches series)

there was much work in the now official group of the great explorers, who's members had started out together from all different backgrounds, beliefs, organizations, and religions. they had discovered the great upper branches regions as a single group with a common goal of seeking knowledge, freedom, truth, and equality. their efforts together made truths out of the forgotten scrolls and the rumors of the lost cities.
as a result of this they had the right to claim the newly found lands as theirs to do with as they wished, it was also the fact that only they knew the route to get to these upper branches. the homin governments had pledged to support them in the next step of their efforts, and that would come at a cost to the governments.
while the governments didn't agree with their lack of authority over these new lands, their hands were bound by the promises they made and they did not want to risk revolt in all of the civilized lands by going against their own word. it was the wishes of the great explorers that the rangers would protect all homins regardless of civilizations, organizations, or religions in these new lands. the lands and the cities, once freed from bandit rule, would be free to any homin on atys.
there were plans in the works as to how the homins of atys could unite to remove the bandits that now ruled the cities in the lands above. a time table is being worked on as this notice is going out, with the hopes that all of atys will unite as one to free the cities. it was clear from the meetings of the great explorer teams that it would not be a quick and easy effort to remove the bandits from the cities.
it is planned that once the cities are freed of bandit rule trade routes would need to be established. the newly freed cities would need merchants of all types and skill trainers. a planned pilgrimage would then follow all cities being liberated in the lands above. this would be to promote stable livings for homins seeking to explore the cities and lands above.
the great explorers would provide transportation to any homin that could pay the cost of travel, a fixed flat rate for all homins of atys. this income will help provide the great explorers with steady income and a way to purchases needed items from homin crafter's. there would also be a need for occupational products for the great explorers to keep the newly established travels going to and from. because of the promises of the governments part of the payments for any help was already secured, and guidelines already drawn up by the great explorers would define how homins helping would be paid for their help.
now will all these plans in motion now or already established as you read this notice there is but a couple things to do: help or travel to new lands. it should be warned that the new lands are very dangerous in many ways, and that any homins that travel there should be very cautious once they reach the new city.
further more it's necessary to note that travel from one upper branch to another is not possible; first because they do not connect to each other; second because of the great distances between the different lands via surface routes. as a result of this if you wish to visit the upper branch of the lakes region you will need to travel to fairhaven and find the great explorers outside the city limits, the same is true for the other regions of the upper branches. the great explorers travel service will be found outside the capital city limits in each of the homin lands. because of the request of the rangers to protect homins in the upper branches lands you will find the great explorers in the upper branches in the largest city of each upper branch.
above all there's one thing we, the great explorers, want to remind everyone of atys, anyone and everyone is welcome to travel with us to the new lands. first and foremost the new lands are free and open to every homin on atys, religion, organization, and civilization allegiance's do not matter to us. we have the only means to reach them, keep you safe, and are the only one's that know the route; these facts will ensure that they forever remain free and open to all.


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