The Upper Branches (all in one thread)

chapter 61 (great explorers return story)

recovered scrolls found by great explorers team 3 (lakes team)

"after sad events recently we have chosen to write down a short history of events leading to this point.
our homeland and cities had been under siege from large groups of very viscous, violent, and dangerous creatures. at first the attacks were only small numbers and quickly put down. as time went on the attacks grew in both frequency as well as the numbers in the groups attacking. even as the attacks grew more common and the groups larger, we continued to defend against them with good results, at least in the beginning. over time it was getting harder to stop the attacks in the lands outside the cities.
it was agreed that we would be safer and more protected to stay within the cities and defend them from attack with more concentrated forces. for a time this was a very effective method of protection and defense from the attacking creatures. it soon proved to be less then enough.
first one city was overwhelmed by the creatures and the homins there were forced to escape to the nearest city for refuge, the combined force of the evacuating warriors, hunters, crafter's, harvesters, and unskilled homins that survived the escape with those in the city which they fled to were able to defend the pursuing creatures. it wasn't long after that there was another large scale attack on this safe-haven. this attack was the most fierce one yet. while the city did not fall there were massive losses. there was an emergency meeting of the remaining cities, with brave messengers taking each city decision to the next. after each city had come to realize how grave the loss of the first city and the following attack on the second city was there was only a single logical path to take at that time, move everyone into a single city where the mass of forces could perhaps repel the attacks of these creatures. shortly after this was decided upon there was a massive movement from three of the four remaining cities, with the fourth city being the city where everyone would live and make their stand.
for some time this was effective against the attacks of the creatures. slowly there was a growing concern that each attack was larger in numbers then the last, and that at some point we would run the risk of being out numbered and over-run. it was with these foreboding thoughts that a new plan was devised. that plan is what lead us to where we are now as we write this, simply put, we took a small group of willing homins out of the city with the plan to go beyond the known borders of our land in search of a new land to safely live in.
after traveling beyond the known borders of our homeland we came to a dangerous and steep climb before us. looking out from our high vantage point we could see land below us, a land that was until that moment unknown to all in our land. we could see that there was a chance to work our way down a narrow path, while we could see no creatures upon the path before us, there were still creatures that had been following us and making attempts to catch us off guard. while they had yet to do any real harm to us other then slow us down, they were a constraint reminder of what was behind us.
it was decided that we would risk the narrow climb down no matter how steep or how dangerous it would be, for staying there would mean certain death from the creatures if their numbers grew too large to defend. once the long climb down was over we found ourselves on new lands much like those of our home, at least by it's looks. a few of the following creatures had tried to follow us down the climb, but they were few in numbers and quickly killed. we made our first camp in these new lands at the bottom of the path from above to decide what to do next.
that night while we rested we were attacked by a small group of aggressive creatures, nothing like what we had fought in our homeland though. it was decided then that we would keep a watch even in these new lands as we moved looking for a new place to call home. for days we moved and fought small groups of these aggressive creatures, with little fear to loosing, these were nothing like the beasts that had drove us from our homelands. we were perhaps over confident, and would soon find it would be fatal to some of us.
one day after setting up camp it was decided that we would send out a few small teams to collect things we needed. we sent several hunters and warriors in each team, leaving they younger and newer of the hunters and warriors and elders of the crafter's at the camp. each of the teams we sent out was to collect food, materials to craft with, and a team to scout the area to decide where to go next. while those teams were gone on their various missions there was an attack on the camp.
the attack on the camp must have been larger then those prior to that day. it's our belief based on what we found upon the return of the teams we sent out that it was indeed a vicious fight, though none survived the attack in the end. we had lost some of the greatest crafter's our people had ever known.
it was the tragedy of that day that we decided it best to tell our tale and leave it behind with some of the greatest items crafted by those that were lost. while these items were made to be used to protect us on our journey we had decided that it best to leave them behind with these scrolls. perhaps one day they will be found, and then used as they were made to be used or given to a new generation of master crafter's to try to unlock the secrets that went to the grave with the passing of our great crafter.
it's our hope that these scrolls will one day be found and read and that our story can be told."

the items were shown to those in power as proof after being displayed to the homins of the lake lands. solid proof of their tales because there's nothing like these items has ever seen before.


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