The Upper Branches (all in one thread)

chapter 60 (great explorers return story)

recovered scrolls found by great explorers team 2 (desert team)

"after the long distance we have already traveled from our homes we are making camp to put our story into words that we hope will one day be read. our trials have been full of dangers, from the vicious and dangerous beasts we have fought to the long and dangerous climb down the steep path. even after the climb we have found ourselves still in danger of vicious creatures, though it's our fortune that they do not attack us here like in our home lands. here the attacks are random and not as often when we are in one place. we encounter more attacks when we travel but that's to be expected as we are much more exposed and on the move. the attacks that do come are quickly defeated by the master hunters and warriors in our group of travelers.
we have set out from our homelands in search of a safer place to live. in these last few months at home our cities were being attacked more and more often by large packs of vicious creatures. it wasn't uncommon to encounter these creatures far from the city, but lately they've been attacking the cities. with every day that passed the attacks became more frequent and the groups of creatures larger. at the time of our departure the attacks were getting so bad that we had to seek shelter when they happened. only the hunters and warriors would remain outside to fight. soon it was so bad that a new course of action had to be taken. at that time it was decided that we would take a large group of homins willing to risk the dangers outside the city to seek out a new land to call home. one that might be safer then our homeland had recently become.
now here we all are writing this down for someone to read. the jewels we are leaving with these scrolls are the very best our master jewel crafter can make. he is one of the last of the great masters of jewel craft in our land, this set may be his legacy should things go badly in our future. we have chosen to leave it here in the hope that one day someone will find it and put them to good use. what the future will hold for us after we leave these scrolls behind is a mystery to all of us."

the items were shown to those in power as proof after being displayed to the homins of the desert lands. solid proof of their tales because there's nothing like these items has ever been seen before.


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