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so we got the ability to turn in all products at one time, wonderful and greatly enjoyed "update". that was a huge start to making NH even better, and we loved it.

recently however, someone complained that NH was broken (in serious need of products) too often in some lands that slowed the transportation system down. for most of us that's not an issue as we have tp's or just trek. we rely on NH for dappers (non crafters need better income) and a few civ points (with little to spend them on, and even less of that tradeable between toons, there's little use for these at this time.)

they used the excuse "new players shouldn't have to wait to TP with NH". logically 98% of new players have NO CLUE what NH is until one of us teaches them, and while we expalin it all, they quickly see that there's little to gain from the TP's themselves, but the dappers are good vs the poor pay that other missions can provide (remember us non-crafters).

anyway, let's get to the point:

prior to the lastest "update" to NH the ware of the system was effective and still required a little time. however the most recent "update" has turned the process of turning in into another PITA that consumes far to much of my play time to simply hand in 36 products.

i have a proposal that will cure the problem that someone complained about, and another option that someone else gave me in discussion about this issue.

my idea*:

raise the "full" count of the system from 3,000 to 30,000. remove the latest update applied to NH and your done, problem solved.
the system is very likely never going to ware down to 0 (or below) from 30,000, and NH doesn't return to the PITA it was prior to the update allowing turnin of all products at one time.

* adding a single zero is a fix that would take less then 5 minutes to do, and the problem is solved without otherwise changing a thing (other then removing the last "update")

another Option:
another option suggested to me by another player related to the same issue:
change NH so that they are always in need of products.

while this would remove the RP feeling of NH, it would cure all the issues related to this problem. the issue here is that it would require much more work then just adding that "0" i spoke about.

i have a 3rd option but that's a project i'll start working on and testing myself, there's enough work-load for the creator of NH to do without addressing creating a new NPC that will buy occ products.

the bottom line:
NH was nice at the start, improved greatly when the option to turn in was changed, but this latest "update" has reverted NH back to the dispised system it was when turn in was one at a time.

final thought:
change things to make them better also known as "upgrade", don't change them and make them worse also known as "downgrade"



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