#46 [en] 

Final....thot deadline was 5H - Tria, Frutor, 27th ? Isn't that the end of winter ?

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#47 [en] 

Though I wonder how many of those are actually from the Lair....

Make it require something from the lair, and not something you can get anywhere. Otherwise, don't expect the bits to be from the lair.

#48 [en] 

Assistant took but didn't register 2 outta the 3 stacks of "fine" stuff I had from lair 1st trip.

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#49 [en] 

Well, deadline came and went .... ?????????


#50 [en] 

A courier posts a small, carefully described label:
Deles Silam,

Many materials were delivered during the collection period. Fortunately, the minimum demands of the Karavan were completely satisfied and materials have finally been packed to be transferred to the Karavan agents.

We hope that the research results will contribute to further education about the reasons behind the current Kitin activities. Study results will be posted once available.

I thank you for your efforts,

Nisti Tinanti
Royal Kitinologist

#51 [en] 

Methinks we need to excavate the areas where the tunnels are blocked and go further in to investigate.


#52 [en] 

Spoken like a true Fyros

#53 [en] 

Pick my reason .......

1. I wanna see the dragon

2. I want a new area to explore


#54 [en] 

Dig dig dig! Let's make history! Excavate!

#55 [en] 

Better to permanently seal off the prime roots, blocking in the kitin menace and leaving them alone down there where it is damp and dark.
Had the Fyro not released the kitins in the first place, the Great Swarming would never have happened.
And now that same irresponsible race wants to do it all over again, just to see what's down there?

They're worse than that madman Zorai reporter who set out to interview the Dragon, they're either actively seeking the destruction of hominity at the hands of the kitins in another Great Swarming or they've forgotten history's lessons about what happens when homins dig too deep.

Homins of all nations, come together to stop this madness!

#56 [en] 

Better to permanently seal off the prime roots, blocking in the kitin menace and leaving them alone down there where it is damp and dark.

Because the Kitin are completely incapable of creating their own tunnels and passages. Go out and see things for yourself instead of blindly trusting your Karavan masters. If you actually looked, you'd see breaches through which Kitin have been observed to travel scattered all over Atys. Those are certainly not Homin-made.

#57 [en] 

Yeah no kitin, that would be sooooo fun ..... same ole, same ole ..... let's just keep doing the same stuff we doing for the last 8 years. maybe I could master a new dig tree (yawn)......nope, all done.


Been a year and half since anything new happened. I'm ready for something exciting.....someplace I haven't been before.

New Plan ...... getting my zorai electric pick and excavating tunnel from Egg Room to under a certain apartment.

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Heyt Deles:

It's been ab Atys year and a half.....have Nisti and those egghead researchers finished their studies ?


#59 [en] 

Delea Silam homins of all countries,

The Karavan has sent a research report to the Royal Academy, which I hereby redirect to you:
During the investigation of the samples provided it was noted that they were contaminated. Thus we could not use all the collected secretions. After isolation of the secretions of interest to us, and with the involvement of existing studies, we have come to the following conclusion:

From the large Kitin eggs hatched, as expected, a bluish species of Kipesta, which is widely known as Kipekoo. These Kipekoo appear not only distinguished by their color but also in size of conventional Kipesta. This particular type of Kipesta also seems to be much smarter than their smaller relatives. In addition, it is possible for them to travel longer distances.

The Kipesta's task consists of reconnaissance of large areas to find new areas of settlement and construction for new Kitin nests. Since the Kipekoo have a higher degree of intelligence, it is likely that these play an important part in the expansion of the Kitin's Lair in Almati Wood.

This is the end of the report sent to the Royal Academy.

Nisti Tinanti
Royal Kitinologist

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Methinks ya shud send some Fyros down there to remove the blockages and investigate.


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