#16 [en] 

In searching the records at the land's great libraries, I'm curious to know if there is any specific activity we should be looking for as well as what Nisti makes of the situation.


#17 [en] 

Oren Pyr homins!

My forays into the kitin areas have led me to the Kitins' nest base in the Witherings locally known as "Desert Stock." With horror I have discovered that even here the activities of these vile creatures have grown! This has apparently been missed by the recent research of the Karavan and the Atys Rangers.

Unfortunately, I no longer have the strength of my youth to fight the omnivorous horde alone. I therefore call on all eligible homins to come with me to show the kitins that we will not let ourselves be intimidated by their plans to assume control over Atys! For simplicity's sake, I choose as the meeting place at the Kami teleporter in Zora. I will wait for all supporters for this initiative on 19h - Quinteth, Nivia 5, 3rd AC 2600(JY)*.


* Sunday, 25 September 2011 20:00:00 UTC (1 decade ago)

#18 [en] 

Deles Silam homins of all peoples,

After scrupulous consideration, the Karavan Researcher and I have determined the Kitin specimens required for further analysis of the changes in Almati Wood. The Royal Academy is therefore entrusted with the task of organizing the collection of these specimens and consequently requires help of all brave homin.

For further research, I ask the following to be collected, at the minimum, from the lair in the Almati Wood:

100 Kipee secretions of at least q200
75 Kipesta wing of at least q230
50 Kirosta secretions of at least q250

The collected samples can be immediately released to the Assistant Royal Kitinologist near the Ranger Camp in Almati Wood. The more samples that are collected, the more information we can learn about the Kitins' Lair. The Karavan require the samples by the latest 19h - Quinteth, Frutor 5, 4th AC 2600(JY)*.

Because of the importance of this research, this inquiry is directed to all homins, regardless of their origin or belief.

On behalf of the Royal College,
Nisti Tinanti
Royal Kitinologist

* Friday, 7 October 2011 20:00:00 UTC (1 decade ago)

[Currently collected materials]

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#19 [en] 

Deles Silam homins of Atys,

The Assistant Royal Kitionologist has reported to me that very few samples have been collected. I fear that without a substantial amount of samples we will not gain the knowledge we will need to assess the true threat of the Kitin activity in the Kitins' Lair.

I urge each and every able bodied homin to gather up your guild and associates to coordinate maximum safe collecting parties. It is imperative that these samples are gathered as soon as possible.

Nisti Tianti
Royal Kitinologist

#20 [en] 

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#21 [en] 

Speaking of...I am not sure helping Matis learn more about the Fauna of Atys is a good idea. I mean, we can only judge intent by previous actions...and you can get a much bigger bomb on a kiban or kipee than you can a yubo.

At the same time...I have never met a "Kincher Whisperer" might be amusing to watch Matis Nobles get eaten by their own weapons.

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In case the assistant doesnt take ya stuff and ya don't know why ..... mats gotta be fine.


#23 [en] 

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#24 [en] 

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#25 [en] 

I thought he was working on behalf of the Royal that not an arm of the Matis Civilization? The civilization that just used Yubo Bombs to kill innocent Fyros women and children. The civilization now being ruled by the very homin who led that attack. Does the Royal Acadmeny not answer to the call of this evil homin? Also, Professor Tinanti is working with a Karavan Researcher...the Karavan, the ones who ask us to "clear the lands so they can exploit them"?

Yeah, please explain where logic does not demand paranoia. But, just to be clear, these are only my own concerns, I am just sharing my thoughts with those who might care to listen, I am not sharing the collective zeitgeist of the Kami Faction.

#26 [en] 

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#27 [en] 

Thanks Jayce, good to know Matis and Karavan have limits.

#28 [en] 

Handed in 54 Kirosta Secretions (Done 50 needed)
Handed in 76 Kipesta Wings (Done - 75 needed)
Handed in 100 Kipee Secretions (Done - 100 needed)

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#29 [en] 

[Currently collected totals]

The totals are recalculated once every 10 minutes.

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Onavar Event Manager

#30 [en] 

[Currently collected totals]

The totals are recalculated once every 10 minutes.

Doesn't seem to be updating. Says 97 Total Kipee Secretions but looking at Kitinologist "You have collected" window, says I handed in 100.....and I watched a movie in between.


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