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So I have seen the Rotoa outside Yrkanis, but I now just saw it outside Fairhaven and am told it is in the desert and the jungle as well! How did these matisan plants get all over atys? Is it possible that the other races were jealous of the matis beauty and stole our precious flowers to plant in their own homelands? If so I find this outragous! How can a rotoa even thrive in the desolate desert. Surely the conditions are not appropriate in the jungle or lakelands as well!


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You claim that we have stolen this so called beautiful plant.

The chances of every government stealing it at once from you Matis are just so slim, that I would like to ask you:
Why did you go around the world and put plants that dispense snacks near all the capitals? Whats your angle? Does it contain some sort of mindcontroldevice that will activate and turn us all into slaves looking for the missing bubbles?

I say NO, this madness ends here. You Matis have complicated things enough with your experiments so far. Everyone who reads this, do not eat whatever you get from the flowers. In fact, dont even touch them. Might be a cross between a plant and najabs, creating delusions of a supposed wedding. Believe me when I say, it's all lies!


"It's shite being tryker! We're the lowest of the low. The scum of Atys! The most wretched, miserable, servile, pathetic trash that was ever shat into civilization. Some people hate the Matis. I don't. They're just wankers. We, on the other hand, are COLONIZED by wankers. Can't even find a decent culture to be colonized BY. We're ruled by effete arseholes. It's a shite state of affairs to be in, Marceline, and ALL the fresh air in the world won't make any ****** difference"

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Pfft, you're both wrong, the Rotoa trees were planted by Matis botanists working for a joint venture of all 4 governments to promote the alchemist occupation in the face of decreasing outpost flower produce so that aspiring alchemists don't massively have to resort to gambling to obtain their ingredients.

All of this will be revealed when my background stories of the advanced occupations are released!

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The botanist would have had to gone through the king and nobles for acceptance to this matter that you propose which would be turned down. Rotoa is a sacred plant to us matis and we would never wish to share such sacred plants with the other races. Especially those wicked fyros that burnt down the northern forests.


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Never argue with an idiot; they will just drag you down to their level, and beat you with experience.

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The Rotoa have long been seen in the Prime Roots. But shake with all your might and not one flower will drop off. Perhaps the Rotoa needs more than just air. Its roots could travel far. The spots outside the cities are where the lazy stable boys dump the mektoub dung. Add sun light and you have flowers ready to harvest. And the Rotoa roots could be traveling up our outpost drill hole , sunlight leaking down, and the guard using the hole to dispose of the mektoub dung could explain where the outpost flowers come from.

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Rotoa is not a plant native to Verdant heights. In fact it is the only true tree that grows in Prime roots.
It has been first described by Famous matisian botanist Lenardi Bravichi but that is as far as the connection to matisian empire might be traced. The Rotoas ov Avalae were also planted by him.

Here's a small abstract about Rotoa from "Incomplete Atysian botanical atlas"

The fact that until recently this plant has never been seen outside Prime roots (with the exception of Avalae) prooves that it does not use travelling roots as a means of reproduction. Most likely (given the size and aboundance of the flowers) it uses the indigenous airborne fauna of the prime roots for pollenation, but then later the seeds ripen within the trunk itself, slowly travelling to the roots, where they enter the bulbous tubers, grown by the tree precisely for that reason. Allthough rather uncommon, such form of reproduction is known to Atysian botanists. This also explains why noone has ever seen the Rotoa fruit. The undrground Rotoa tubers are the favourite food of burrowing molluscs, aboundant in the prime roots but not seen anywhere else on Atys. They devour the tubours and spread the minuscle Rotoa seeds, providing them with additional nourishment by generously apportioning the future Rotoa with their excrement.

According to the above the chance of Rotoa trees spreading in Trykoth and the Burning desert and thus "threatening" the local ecosystems is next to none. Unless the representatives of local burrowing fauna would suddenly find a taste for a food source never before encountered by their ancestors and therefore not "embedded" in the feeding instincts.

However once planted the trees will grow irrespective of the environment, since they take their nourishment from the sap veins underlying the soil and not from the upper layer, used by the grasses, herbs, moss, algae and the like.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the Rotoa planted by Matisian botanists for the convenience of alchemists of all nations have been modified to stop the seeds from travelling within the trunk. Thus the flowers detach as soon as the seed is ready to "travel".

OOC: Hope this helps :)

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Oh, Komi; I see you've been mentioning the "Incomplete Atysian Botanical Atlas". I've been reading about your former "Complete Atlas of Atysian Flora" in the old forum, but all the links to your "historical" Atlas have already been dead at that time. ( ) I found other links though... Like the Atlas_of_Atysian_Flora_(draft)_by_Komissar_Nameless(2).pdf and bits of translated stuff from your complete Atlas to German on mp;view=article&id=85&Itemid=133.

Now I want to ask for your permission to use your older materials for a translation of botanical knowledge into German. May I please? Or would you prefer me to wait for your present overhaul of material in the Ryzom-Wiki (where I found your wonderful articles about the Cokamool, Ploomweed and Rotoa Bravichi) to finish instead?

We have had botanical excursion (RP) - events on Leanon led by our event team featuring the famous Matisian botanist Cuiccio Perinia (just like on Arispotle: & ). It's possible that the lore told on Leanon during these events may differ from that on Arispotle. Still it would be really nice to put all of it together and also point out the differences of the research-results between Lirni Gillo and other botanists like Perinia :)

Hm, maybe someone on Aniro may also have made different botanical theories in the meanwhile, but sadly I cannot read/write French, so searching for materials in French using online translations would be quite hard... I'm posting this for everyone to see because other players might be interested in your answers too I believe :)

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Well the Atlas has been renamed to "Incomplete" because while working on it i understood that it's almost impossible to complete it given the botanical abundance of Atys :)

So i decided to go one step at a time and add bits after bits of data following the zorai Mantra of "Make haste slowly"...

The most recent stuff is added to the wiki, so if you plan any translation please use those texts. Please mention the Incomplete Atysian Botanical Atlas as source as well ;)

i will be returning to it and updating it from time to time.
And by the way i always consult the botanists of aniro when working on my atlas, google-translate be my witness :)


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Alright, as you wish. So I am gonna wait for your Wiki-articles and I won't forget to mention the "Incomplete Atysian Botanical Atlas" as the source :)

Just take your time please. It will take me time as well to refurbish all the materials from the 3 botanical excursions we had on Leanon as a first step and afterwards to add screenshots from the according plants at all the locations we have been visiting with Cuiccio Perinia at those times...

Wow, so you really took the trouble to collaborate with Aniro! Admirable :) I know how hard it is to use online-translations. I use Babelfish only for a quick overview at first and can recommend Leo for more detailled translations of phrases and single terms.

We Leanon-players are quite imaginative and jocular when roleplaying but we are really reluctant to add anything self-made to the written lore of Ryzom; mostly because we don't want to fudge it inadvertently. Also our event-team is very careful and often rather strict with whatever concerns the lore :D

Thanks for your work again!


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I very much wonder about the phenomenon of Rotoas all over the place, despite Komissar's explanation.

Apart from the fact that Bravichi's success in planting the Rotoa near Avalae was and is described as a feat among Atys scientists, not that long ago it was neccessary to save the two main Matia Rotoas (the Avalae one and the one in the Yrkanis Arboretum) when ill through the efforts of scientists and helpful homins*; not only because they are Bravichi's Rotoas, but also because it still was impossible to reproduce Bravichi's master stroke.

Not only would I be surprised if the botanists did such a step forward that they now can plant Rotoas all over Atys, I would also be surprised if they did without telling someone, and - even more important - to discuss the question with the Royal Academy at Yrkanis, the Matia nobility and His Majesty, the King. The inflation of the Rotoa on the bark of Atys also degrades the importance of Bravichi's Rotoas in the history of Matia and for the Matis.

*(OOC: We're talking Leanon here.)


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I can confirm these stories that we have been told (on Leanon). Also the very respectable botanist Cuiccio Perinia has told us something similar about the outstanding exceptions of botanic science effort that the planting and tending to the Matisian Rotoashad required. According to Perinias teachings the Rotoa Bravici that was planted "in the wild" had to be manipulated "gently" by Matisian botanists to healthily grow there.

So I suspect the mighty Kami must have planted these new Rotoas next to all of our capitals (even in the sawdust of the lakelands and the dried-out barren desert!) to shame the Matis scientists and such also their protectors, the great Karavan...

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Zoraian gibberish! If the Kami had their paws in this, they would have banged their drums more than anything else! Also, they would never help the much hated botanists who actually seem to benefit from the Rotoa-like shameless imitations!

(OOC: Really, there should be other plants used for this, not Rotoas! It's against lore, it ruins the character of Bravichi, who is of huge relevance to Matis history, and - as said - it pales the Avalae Rotoa into insignificance. =P)


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I have to disagree... The priests of Ma-Duk would surely have boasted about this, as far as we know them, alright. But maybe not the Kami themselves, mysterious as they are. If these mighty beings didn't inform their worshippers of their deeds - which seems highly likely to me - the bigwigs in front of the temples wouldn't dare to demand the glory, no?

Well, you know that the wonderful Rotoas are in use for alchemy and even serve healing purposes; as such they are a benefit to all Homins. I have never heard the Kami themselves speaking ill of the Matis nor do they seem to hate botanists? Isn't it the Karavan and their nature-threatening technology instead that the Kami vehemently reject? Whatever some priests are spouting (sorry to phrase it like that), the Kami seem to still pin some hope on the Matis and their possible rethinking of things, since their botanists are actually much more careful when manipulating plants than in the past...

(OOC: yes, there are many other plants that could have been used for this purpose. It seems highly unlikely for such plants to grow on sandy sawdust. Completely new plants would be the cat's meow though :) )


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[[OOC: I'm imaging some intern going "hmm, we'll need a flower dispenser... *browses through existing scenery objects* ah, this tree-thing or whatever it is looks the most flowery, we'll go with that".]]

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Nobody ever heared the Kami talk; it is said that they speak to us through Mabreka. But we know that they never agreed with any kind of manipulation of the plants. In fact, from all that we know they regard any creature on Atys - plant or beast - much higher than any homin. The fake Rotoas are a mockery of Matis culture and have to be unrooted and burned!

(OOC: ... which, in fact, I would have ordered on the strength of my political position if it would be possible. If the phenomenon would be limited to Leanon, I would have asked for changing the plants or would have stepped back from the Chamber of Nobles, as indeed I think it helps to degrade Matis history down to slavery, warfare and Jinovitch. As things are, I do ignore the Rotoas and will not discuss them with anybody IC. As far as I'm concerned, they do not exist. Don't even try to mention them to me in the game, Zhoi.
@ Marelli: Exactly. I think that was how it happened - the decision by someone who obviously had no idea about Rotoa, but thought they look good. =P)


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