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Here are some suggestions for new combat stanzas.


1) "Sure Shot". Kind of sniping shot. Takes more time to fire and more credits, but deals much more damage compared to a common shot. Can't be combined with Hit Rate stanza.

2) "Burst". Fires a couple of ammo (3-5) at once, but with low accuracy. Can't be combined with Hit Rate and Accurate Attack stanzas.


1) "Reflecting (or Mirror) Aura". Splits incoming damage in two parts. First part goes to the user as intended, another part reflects back to the opponent. Higher grades of aura change proportions of damage in favor of user that had activated it. May appear in three versions, respectively against melee, magical and ranged damage.

2) "Aura of Rage". Deals damage to everyone and everything in short range around user (like 5 m), whether it friendly, neutral or hostile entity. Consume HP of user while active (just like Berserk action does). Higher grades of aura deal more damage in both ways.

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I live these ones a lot ! :)

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Time for a bump.

1) Opening after Evade. Another credit for melee attacks. If an enemy misses you, this opportunity can be used to perform a free hit.

2) Heal Over Time spells for HP, sap, stamina. Amount of restored energies gets higher over time as long as the link remain unbroken.

3) New aura improving dodge, parry and armor resists after activation, but not blocking any damage.

4) Same for magic, new aura improving magical resists and protections, but not blocking damage.

5) "Burden". A link spell, being inflicted upon a mob slowing down its speed of movement and attacks. Being inflicted upon a player, adds up malus points, from 20 for the 1st grade spell and up to 100 for the highest grade spell.

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There already is a slow attack spell as a defensive affliction.


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...and the slow movement one as well (and both of them are offensive afflictions, not defensive). Thank you for reminder, but i'm aware of stanzas, spells and effects existing in game. Shame you can't combine these two effects in the same spell, however, such spell would be quite useful. Make both of its effects doing lesser impact on a target than their single copies for the sake of balance.

And playing with malus in PvP could be another interesting option.

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ouh, anyone played with beserker or war cry and ranged just that thought really should be on a dif timer than mpa thou :o)


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