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New combat stanzas, pt. 1

Time for a bump.

1) Opening after Evade. Another credit for melee attacks. If an enemy misses you, this opportunity can be used to perform a free hit.

2) Heal Over Time spells for HP, sap, stamina. Amount of restored energies gets higher over time as long as the link remain unbroken.

3) New aura improving dodge, parry and armor resists after activation, but not blocking any damage.

4) Same for magic, new aura improving magical resists and protections, but not blocking damage.

5) "Burden". A link spell, being inflicted upon a mob slowing down its speed of movement and attacks. Being inflicted upon a player, adds up malus points, from 20 for the 1st grade spell and up to 100 for the highest grade spell.
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