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August Promotional Offer: Get an albino Gubani zig with any subscription of at least one month!

Dear player, 

Do you dream of owning an adorable little Gubani with an unusual coat?
Or, more pragmatically, would you like to benefit from the extra storage a zig provides?
In either case, this offer is for you!

Indeed, from August 1 to 31, 2023, we are offering a character in your Premium account an albino Gubani zig (*).
To get your reward, login with your Premium account in August or subscribe then for at least one month!

Ryzom team

I subscribe to take advantage of the offer and get an albino Gubani zig.

(*) Exclusive offer valid from August 1st to midnight of August 31st 2023 (UTC).
During this period, a non-exchangeable albino Gubani zig is offered to each account with an active subscription of at least 1 month. To collect your reward, choose the character on that subscribed account who will receive the mount, log in to the game and click on the dedicated button.

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link in the official post doesn't work, clicking on it does nothing. (no new skin option on my toon.... when my son tried to click on it, having NO zigs yet, nothing happened {he's subbed for a year}, looks like another not working, misleading, or incomplete zig (or zig skin) event.



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"To collect your reward, choose the character on that subscribed account who will receive the mount"

When, where the heck is this window or link/dialog I have to click on or accept?
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