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Event-Ersteller: Event-Team.
Event-Typ: OOC-Event, Minispiele, Feiern, Überraschungen und gruseliger Spaß!
Level: Alle.

Zeitpunkt des Events: Ab dem , 29 October 2021 19:00:00 UTC (3 months ago).
Voraussichtliche Dauer: 10 Tage.
Treffpunkt: Überall auf Atys.

Angesprochene Homins: Alle.
Synopsis: Anlor Winn bläst im Jahr Jenas 2615 mit OOC-Events über Atys.
Weitere Informationen: Detailiertes Programm & Anlor-Winn-Jetons

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Creator of the event: Event team.
Type of event: Scary stories Sharing Session.
Appropriate levels: All.

Date of the event: , 7 November 2021 20:00:00 UTC (2 months ago).
Expected duration: About two hours.
Meeting place: Anlor Winn Village in Almati Wood.

Homins concerned: All.
Synopsis: Come and scare Anlor Winn itself with your creations or just listen and encourage the storytellers.
To learn more: IC announcement

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Event Suggestions:

1. I wound up with close to 15,000 Anlor Win tokens between left over's from last year and this year ... spent about a third of them trying to lose my soul and stock GH, ours and others, with max level stuff .... burning off the rest 1 at a time to get 250 "wundahamat" for Daily (Crafting) Missions has netted about a stack after 2,500 spins and (21) 250 Crystals / (23) 500 crystals. Everything else required clicking "Drop All" as no interest.

2. This year, it seemed we were hitting the same camps over and over again. Consider after 60 /60 a follow up where ya have to hit every tribe camp you hadn't visited.

While visiting the camps, add a "trick or treat" interaction with an NPC where ya can get one of the following:

a) get a small fixed number of sup mats (not more than 10, not less than 1)
b) get feared outta the camp
c) a mob pops and you have to kill to get the mats

The number of tribes + the "federales" (guard camps)should be enough to get ya a sampling of each mat. Tie the mat level to the player level in harvest.

Yes, I understand that the wheel i intended to be a time sink as well as add the excitement of chance .... but with the Anlor Winn tokens for example .... consider an alternative, whereby if ya have all the weapons / armor "lose your soul" rewards, there's options other than spinning the wheel 10,000 times.
wheel is intended to be both a time sink and

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