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The wind is blowing.
The wind gets stronger.
The wind roars and makes homins tremble in their shelters.
Go hide yourselves away, you fools, because the Ill Wind is coming. And who knows what it brings under its wings of misfortune?
Listen to the cursed laughter of the Anlor Winn. Mouah hah hah hah....

Anlor Winn's Jigsaw Puzzles

A pumpkin has cut a large image of Anlor Winn into sixty (60) fragments and kept them. Throughout Anlor Winn's time, the pumpkin hides in one of the Atys tribes camps (including Prime Roots) by moving from one place to another regularly to escape the cauldron.
Go in search of it to collect a fragment and try to reconstruct the image!

Location of the event: All over Atys, including Prime Roots.
Rules of the game:
Click on the pumpkin that randomly appears in a tribe every 30 minutes, to get a picture fragment. The fragments are collected in a special personal window, gradually completing the image.
The pumpkin remains in play for 20 minutes and then reappears elsewhere, with a new random fragment, every 30 minutes. You can find out when and where a pumpkin is in play by clicking on the “Dynamic Events” icon of the map.

Rewards: Anlor Winn tokens for each pumpkin found, Choice tokens for each fragment found and Excellent tokens for each image reconstructed.

The Silent Statues

By-passers hear a young homina crying near the Burning Bothaya of Pyr. But they are too scared to go and see ... What's going on there?

Location: Near Pyr, not far from the Burning Bothaya.
Rules of the game:
Talk with Wicher Ba'Pearoy to start the event. Once the mission accepted, a light will appear on the ground not far from Wicher. Click on it and be transported somewhere.
Look for the Yubo. Once you have catch it, click on the pumpkin in your special bag to come back to Witcher and give her the Yubo plushy back.
Be quick and remember: DON'T LOOK BACK!
Once finished, this event can't be replayed.

Rewards: A gift for your apartment.

60 seconds

Come and challenge stronger and stronger creatures, alone or in groups!
How high can you reach?

Location: Matis Arena
Rules of the game:
All those wishing to join the game must be in the Matis arena at the start of the session. The arena will then be closed until the end of the session and no one will be able to join the players.
You must kill creatures one at a time within 60 seconds each. Each new creature will be one level higher than the previous one and will have 5% more health points.
You start with a zero level creature, then one, two, etc.
If the creature is still alive after 60 seconds, the session ends and the arena opens.
Five minutes later, a new group can enter the arena to try their luck.

Rewards: Tokens for each creature killed. An unique reward every 50 levels. This reward can only be earned once.

Attention, this game will begin on Sunday, 31 October 2021 08:00:00 UTC (2 years ago), after Atys tournament.

Anlor Winn storytelling

Anlor Winn whistles around the homins gathered around a fire. It listens to the scary stories and doesn't think to run its scythe on the heads within its reach.
But beware, if it doesn't hear enough stories, its fury will be raging like never before!

Come to the village and appease Anlor Winn by telling scary stories or simply by supporting the storytellers, on Sunday, 7 November 2021 20:00:00 UTC (2 years ago)!

Location of the event: Anlor Winn Village in Almati Wood. The players that are still in the starting area are very welcome. They will find a teleport to Anlor Winn Village, just down Chiang the Strong's Hill.
Rules of the event: Everyone is invited to tell their scary story. All stories are welcome but they must be about Atys, Anlor Winn or the fears of the Homins.
Rewards: A scythe for the storytellers and a title.

And all over Atys, watch out for various surprises and unusual objects that could turn out to be more dangerous than expected.

Mouah ah ah ah

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