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Not long ago a Zoraï girl was kidnapped by the vile sect of the Antekami Kaze. The Antikami villains have been captured by the Zoraïs and the girl was rescued, but she ended up dying from heavy Goo exposition and infection.

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There will be a Lai-le-ban to discuss the matter, decide what to do with the prisoners, and to reflect on the causes of this tragedy - trying to comprehend how the Zoraï society as a whole can be blamed for the events, and what can be done to prevent similar crisis in the future.

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The Lai-le-ban will be held in the near future, inside the Zora bar, near the trainers. A brief summary of the procedures can be found here:

- Initiates and Awakened can participate in both the accusation as well as the defence of the prisoners, taking turns in expressing their views on both perspectives.

- Non-Initiates are allowed to come and watch, but can only speak if they are personally requested to do so in order to give a testimony.

- The prisoners will be present and allowed to give their own explanation. The mother of the deceased girl has also been invited to testify.

- There will be an attempt to locate the father of the prisoner Krokwai, an exile by the name of Fakuang.
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- Once the discussion is finished, the Awakened and the Sages will vote on a final resolution to the matter.



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