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Fakuang. Former member of the Antikami tribe, known to have dealings with the Marauders, addicted to the Goo, the father of prisoner Krokwai.

He has bribed the Theocracy in the past to reveal information about a kidnapped girl who ended up dying due a terrible Goo infection.

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In short, a villain of the worst kind.

The Zoraïs have received some clues as to his whereabouts. They intend to send a group of diplomats and warriors in order to search for Fakuang - first they will go to the Antikami tribe, and if he cannot be found there, they intend to search for him at the Marauder Camp in Hidden Source.

Both locations are considered extremely dangerous and hostile territory, therefore the Zoraïs have requested the aid of the Matis Ambassador, since the marauder camp is technically located inside Matis territory.

Will the Karan accept the Zoraï expedition in his lands, specially if Fyros allies come with them? Will he lend aid to the cause, considering the Marauders are common enemies of all nations?

Preparations are already under way. The hunt for Fakuang has begun. *

( * Tuesday, 31 May 19:00 GMT, meeting point Min-Cho stables )

( OOC: In order to heighten the sense of realism and danger, we request that all players who wish to participate in this event to please TAG for pvp. At the very least the guards in charge of protecting the group should do so )

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