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It's possible for one character to learn every single skill available in Ryzom, if the time is taken to advance everything, and they're subscribed. What about unsubscribed characters? Is a free-to-play character able to learn every single skill up to level 125, assuming they're willing to spend the time to advance everything?

I will attempt to answer this question. Please feel free to post corrections or discussion or additions.

(Note: Ryzom is awesome. Subscribing is great and it's important to support things you like if you want them to continue existing and developing. And I do realize this topic is a bit silly -- if you're going to put in enough effort that these things start to matter, you'll likely become interested in subscribing that character and this article won't be relevant.)

(Also, a big thank you to everyone on the universe channel for their help with this, especially Robplus for help with the math!)

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So, what's the answer?

Fight: Yes! By the time you reach level 125 in all fight skills, you will have more skill points than you can spend. That's what I've been told by higher level players.

Magic: Yes! By the time you reach level 125 in all magic skills, you'll have more skill points than you can spend. That's what I've been told by higher level players.

Harvest: Yes! I calculated this one out, and if I've calculated right, you'll *barely* have more skill points than you can spend if you reach level 125 in all harvest skill tracks. You'll have more points left over if you skip the "craftable item part" specializations, as some recommend.

Craft: No...... if you reach level 125 in all crafting skills, even if you spend all your skill points, you won't be able to learn all available skills.

I've put my math up on pastebin, including some more details there about costs for specific skill subsets: http://pastebin.com/UUaAK8ce

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Here's some more info about your f2p choices in crafting.

Buying toolcrafting, all the stat bonuses, and all crafting from one race costs 10,500, leaving you 7,760 points. This is enough to learn all the crafting offered by a second race, or to learn one type of crafting (for example, armor crafting) from all races. It might be enough to buy more than one type of crafting from all races, for example it's enough to buy all armor crafting, shield crafting, and jewel crafting from the remaining three races.

If you skip toolcrafting as many recommend, and buy all stat bonuses and all crafting from one race for 7,690 points, that leaves you with 10,570 points. That's enough to buy all plans of a second race and most of the plans of a third, or enough to buy the plans from all races for several types of crafting.

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I think I remember being able to buy additional race crafting with non-craft skill points. It's been a long time since I did that, but pretty sure I bought them with harvest skill points.

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you can use 50 points from magic / fight / harvest to get the crafting start in a craft not of your race. that can save 150 craft points right there.

not sure on the number or points you could save with this tip: don't use craft points to upgrade characteristics, the EXACT same upgrades can be done with harvest points, which should leave more craft points in the end.

note on harvesting: the item specializations are useless, better to go with a exact mat spec (eg only amber) that will help save many points in harvest.

this is just a little of what i know based on my sub'ed toon and my f2p toon that i'm slowly working to full mini-master. once my f2p is full mini-master i can report more details on the path of training.

just my 2 dappers,



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