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Hello, my name is Igjao and I'm back on Atys since I have left a few years ago. Now my Kami fame is 0.

My question is, what's the fastest way to get Kami fame? Is there a tutorial or something?

Which fame is needed to buy a ticket in the level 250 regions and which fame is needed to buy a ticket in the roots?

Can I get more "fame points" when I make the Kami missions in the level 200 or 250 areas e.g. from the Kami in Dyron, or do I get the same fame for 3 Kami missions in the level 50 area around Pyr and 3 Kami missions in Dyron?

Then it's faster to make the missions in the low level areas becaus I can kill the animals faster.

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Welcome back Igjao :)
Bandit missions give more fame points than others. I think higher level bandit missions give more fame than lower level.

A fast way to make fame is to work in team and kill bandits. If your team mates kill bandits they can even complete your missions too and vice versa. New horizon tools/items exchange might be the fastest but have to confirm with others.

For lvl 250 tickets you might need 33(or 35) fame and for Prime Roots tps it is 60.

Found the following links:

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Fastest way I know of -thanks to Heta- is to kill bandits in Lakes. Take missions from the welcomers in Fairhaven, Dew Drops and Resting Water, you will be sent to kill the same bandits for all of them (Friends of Fury, Liberty Pirates, Cristabell Skinners). The swim is long, but the jump in fame is the most noticeable at the end :)

There is plenty of impassable terrain in the region, I would use this ramp:


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Ok, thanks for the answers, this helps a lot.

Other question, I can remember that I had sap crystals in my inventory to load my magic amp during fights. This is not longer possible, or is there a trick I can't remember? If I make sap crystals, my magic amp is loading but I don't get any crystals.

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Sap crystal creation by spell is gone, as I recall, since 2012 approximately. Reason was widespread abuse, especially botting, to create sap crystals. Instead, sap load of weapons was raised threefold or so, and former crystal creation goes directly into the weapon.

It is still possible to buy sap crystals from faction merchants for faction (nation or PvP) points. Those crystals may even contain 500 sap load instead of the maximum of 250 of the former spell created sap crystals.


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1. Get Magic enchanted crystal by : Right click on your magic icon -> Enchant Magic
2. Right click on magic enchanted crystal and use it.
3. Use sap crystals to recharge your amps.

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ok here ya go:

amount of fame based on zone of mission (50, 100, 150, ect)
fame given for a mission in a 250 zone is the same as in a 50 zone, no bonus for the harder areas.

as for fame needed for different tp's:

for surface 250 zones you need 33 fame AND alignment to a given religion.

for Prime Roots zones you need 60 fame (must be aligned to get more then 50)

my advice for getting fame fast:

take all welcomer missions, tribal ambassador (for the religion of your choice) from the properly aligned tribes, in each land from the lowest level zones (50) up to the 150 zones (a player with a few masters can solo these missions if they're careful)

if you do this in each land you can get your fame up very quickly.

good luck and enjoy.



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