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Ok I am not sure how this is possible for a crate killed me. I am in the new player area doing the missions I am doing the mission "The Shattered Ruins #2" When it tells me to go explore the crates until I find something intresting. So I attack the crates and the crates attacked back? Since when is the possible a crate did 81 damage to me and one shotted me. Something like a crate shouldn't be allowed to attack back I think this may be a bug. I can see a mob attacking back but an inanimate object should not attack back. I didn't figure you would believe me with out a screen shot so I have uploaded one at http://i63.tinypic.com/dzflgw.jpg you can clearly see I died to the Crate. Can some one look into this please?

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Well, if you only had 81 hp left, you were probably killed by the flying debris when you hit the crate. 

Yes, crates (and Easter Eggs and Atysmas presents) throw damage.  The "flying debris" excuse is the one I have come up with.  As far as I know there is no official explanation. 

Death by crate is very rare, however.  Even rarer is a crate performing a critical hit.  You should save the picture.

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Darkshado you have found a new way to die !  My Congratulations :-)  As we know there are many ways to die on Atys, and you have found a new one for the list.  

BTW Bitttymacod's explanation of Flying Debris is a good one.  Everything fights back here, even gifts.


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atys isn't for the faint of heart, here you need a thick hide to survive the game world.

there's a link in my signature (cookies ref) that has a link in it for funny/silly/clumsy deaths, if i was you i'd add it to the list, and take the time to read the thread, you'll see many funny ways to die in ryzom.



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