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OK, First of all, almost all of the members of the guild in which I am in are NEVER AROUND, and have been essentially dropped of the map about 2-3 months ago. So, I am essentially all alone with a somewhat defunct guild.

I have been leveling up magic in Oflovak's Oasis, across some water wherein from some Menacing Cloppers where I can blast them with magic as they, unsuccessfully, go around the water to reach me before I exterminate them, with extreme prejudice.

However, my elemental magic skill is such that the return on investment is now limited.

Is there any place such like this in atys, that I can essentially blast the h*ll out of critters before they reach me. My current elemental magic level is 122, and, as I said, I do this without any assistance of any sort, while I just stand there and kill these damnable cloppers.

Just asking.

Also, I cannot get to Tryker-land, so that is essentially out of the question for the time being.

Thank you for any help in my quest to kill helpless cute critters


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at that level psykopla's in KoD jungle would be perfect to solo
there's a nice patch of them if you go out the south (main) gate in zora, hang a hard right, and pass right through into KoD. you'll come out into a spot that has 3 spawns and no aggro in the area. jewels that protect against shockwave and electric are best for these mobs.

hope that helps,


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Get yourself a healer is the best advice I can give you. Being in a guild can help but asking in English Uni/Uni can usually find people looking to train.  Training with others will allow you to master much more quickly, as well as have much more fun with someone to chat to.

If you are subbed, after the patch of viles that Talk mentions, you want to go to the Kami tp in KoD and kill the unpredible and the prickly.  Then move to Kara tp in GoU and kill rattled.  Use Rot spell or any racial but elec on psykopia.  Then it is to Void and cratchas, then jabs and or jugulas in GoC.  With a healer you should move on to the next mob up when your xp drops below 5k.

You can use rot/poison/elec protects and lakes and jungles resists on your jewels and this will see you from now till master.  Pretty sure Jabs do rot damage, but not in game now so can't check :P  However, elec protect and lakes and jungle resists on jewels is enough for psykopia (shockwave will help, but is a bit overkill if plan on waering the same jewels after you finish with psykopia).  Posion will help with cratchas, but they do slash damage, so really you want to grab a healer and some decent jewels.

The below is a cheap recipe that is good enough for most grinding in Jungle.

Jewel Setting
3x Excellent PrimeRoots Silvio Seed
2x Excellent PrimeRoots Yelk Nail

2x Excellent PrimeRoots Sha Amber
2x Excellent PrimeRoots Hash Amber
1x Excellent PrimeRoots Soo Amber

The state of your 'guild' means you are effectively guildless.  If you want to be in a guild, find a new one.  I think Talk's guild (We are One), Grave of the Fire Flies, and Guardian of Shadows are probably the ones to approach if you don't want to redo fame.  But you want to find out if a guild is active when you are, and that the guild's ethos fits your style of play.

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Multilingual | [English]
While I agree to Lacuna in most points, I may be allowed to do some minor additions.

As to the problems to reach Lakes: I you are on in the evening (CET), ask Diwu and me, we are able to trek you to any point of Atys within at most 2 or 3 RL hours (this includes PR, from Fyros to lakes we estimate 1.5hrs on average, given that we do not go to every TP underway, but only the convenient ones).

Once your ele is above 150, you may try to nuke cuttlers and other critters in SC down the cliff edge from OO, Frahar Towers, and Dunes of Exile, look for a safe place against local mobs, then nuke down. With much luck you may even be able to loot the one or other beast (very long arms :)).

Once you are somewhat stronger, and able to reach the Imperial camp in SC (endpoint of the journey to the camps), you may observe cuttlers and tyranchas attacking herbies. Those herbies are fairly strong, so they are "tanking" for you when you nuke the predators. The packet camp gives you some protection in case of failure.

As to guilds: If you understand German (I somewhat recall you do, or am I wrong?) also consider Verwesende Cutes and Keepers of Darkness, both good and active guilds, they understand and speak English as well, not so much French or Russian.

Good luck and much progress, see you on the bark


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*: Talkirc: thank you for your advice.

*: Lacuna: Your advice is, likewise, good. However my crafting/harvesting skills are not very good YET, but I am working on it. In additionto that,

I have gotten killed in the prime roots, over and over again, so I need to get my skill levels in melee and elemental magic before I do that again. Perhaps when melee and elemental magig reach about 150.

And thank you for advice.

*: Daomei: Thank you for your offer. As I said with Lacuna, I will take advantage of your offer when my melee and elemental magic are around 150, or so. I know that my next major step in progression is level 151, and I am anticipating that next stage in development.

*: Damn! you have all given me some great advice, and I will take advantage of that advice. Thank you.

And THIS is why I love the hell out of Ryzom, this community is willing to be really good and decent people.

Thank You.


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Also, Daomei: I took four semesters of German in {ahem} 1989-1991, and the only thing I remember about German is the structure of the language. The vocabulary is mostly gone.... sorry

And, yes, I know that I am technically unguilded, but I have given my guild until, 2 weeks now, before I quit the guild.


I need me a new tag line on my messages!
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