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This is particularly my observations in Fyros-land, and especially in Oflovaks Oasis and The Fraher Towers region, and with respect to the Zerx's.

Some populations, the Zerx's especially, for several months (real time) the Zerx's were hanging out West of The Water Breakers encampment, which were initally Roaring Zerxes, but after a few months (real time) some Marauding Zerxes had shown up.

Then a few months ago (real time) for some reason, they have moved to directly North of the Frahar Hunters encampment. And during those months, the only Zerx's were Roaring Zerx's, then recently, over the past 2-3 days, some Maurauding Zerx's have shown up.

I don't know why this has happened. But in my observation, the migration of these critters is more complecated than just seasonal migrations. Now, by best SWAG (Scientific Wild A** Guess) is that in a few days/weeks (real time) the Zerx will migrate somewhere else. Where? I have no idea, but I will keep tracking these Zerx's.

It seems to me that Ryzom is a bit more complex than I had initially thought.

What are your thoughts on this matter?


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First, as far as I have been able to tell, mob migrations and locations are triggered by Atysian time. There is a fixed correlation between the two but because of the new Jena Year every 72 days, you can see "wrap around" effects if you do not observe them on a continuous basis.

I have seen migration triggers based on season change, modifications based on month within season, and changes based on the Atys Cycle within the Jena Year. There are also aggro triggers (between mobs) based on time of day and on season.

However, there are clearly random aspects to all mob actions in addition to the programmed intent. As a result the game is not only more complex than you think it is, it is more complex than the developers thought it was.

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ahhh the bittty has returned :)

and yes, i agree bittty, the dev's weren't even ready for just how complex it is. :)


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