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There are things in my past that have left a profound and debilitating mark on my life. I can not stomach injustice nor can i handle seeing people being mean for means sake. It makes me feel as if I've just been punched in the stomach to see it happen.

I came to this game with the hopes that since it had been out there for 10+ years it would have most of the bugs and wonky things fixed. I learned i was wrong, but I loved the game and more importantly the people, and kept coming back.

I learned to ignore the chat bubbles that hide behind scenery and don't appear unless you look at them just right or with the right graphic settings. I learned to constantly re-log because missions just seem to hang. I learned not to use the character selection option on the leave game menu. I learned not to message CSRs that once again i couldn't complete a mission because of some stupid crash, cause i wouldn't get a helpful response. I learned to go fix something to eat or drink at 7 o'clock-ish pacific time (usa) because the PWs got so bad they could make you car sick. I learned not to fight mobs on the weekends because you never knew when the lag was going to get so bad you wouldn't be able to fight back. I learned not to use the tools of improvement on occupations because it takes 10% away from you (which is the exact opposite of what it says it does). I learned that Improving your occupation stuff is equivalent to throwing away most of your stuff once again the exact opposite of what improving means. I learned to read everything as though it was written by a person that had no clue about English. I learned that the only source of information about how to play this game was from other players and many of them really didn't want to take the time to explain the WHOLE game, but who can blame them? who wants to sit down and explain the difference between each chat channel, between all the different game configurations, what each macro setting does, much less the important things of what skill does what?

Yet instead of trying to improve the game or make new player access more enjoyable i find that management (owner(s), "devs", CSRs, and volunteers) are more interested in spreading hate and discontent and compounding existing issues (adding new content on top of buggy code). After about 5 or 6 months of play i have NOT seen one single known issue fixed. Don't you all think that the Silan Mission "bugs" and the Kami and Kara Welcomer missions in the level 1-50 areas should be fixed? So that the first thing the new player experiences is NOT bugs and lack of fixes?? Would you pay for a pair of shoes that are 2 different colors much less wear them?

While I could ignore all of this, I can not ignore it while management is so poorly handling the release of the new anti-mara patch. They are willfully tearing my family apart and i will not sit by and opt in on having my guild, my family attacked.

So I will request a refund and quit playing, it is the only way as a consumer I know to show my displeasure when my written words go unheard.

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Sad to see you go, Callie.  We all have to see past the imperfections in the game as you have done, I can only hope you remember some of the good times and return at some point in the future.


It's bad luck to be superstitious . . .

Palta e decata, nan nec ilne matala.

When one goes on a journey it is not the scenery that changes, but the traveller

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sad times to see more players leaving the game :( (leaving for any reason, good or bad, is unfortunate to say the least.)


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