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Congratualtions on being a mind reader! Just a shame my priorities are xp, time, and effort, too.  But grats on the mind reading :)


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I see. All your talk of "interesting" and "pays more" and just your general tone made me think that your top priority was just telling me I was doing it wrong.


Do not assume that you speak for all just because you are the loudest voice; there are many who disagree that simply have no desire to waste words on you.

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i'm a sheild crafter for my first armor master, a staff crafter for my first weapon master, anklet for jewels (all the same there), bottom line. filling a bag with 2 mats takes less time and effort then filling it with 4. more items can be made when you only need to have 2 items in your bag, even using a hawker (i do) i went from level 51 shield to level 151 in 3 days: day one, dig 4 stacks of mat "a"; day two dig 4 stacks of mat "b"; day 3, stand at merchant, take proper amount of mat "a" and "b" craft all mat's, sell items to merchant, and start over. (if i'm lucky i can buy a new tool and pick with the scraps the merchants pay me for my wares)

basically by doing it this way when i do craft other items i'll get the max xp i can get for every item (degraded or otherwise) i make in that given skill tree. while it might seam crazy to do it this way, it's a tried and true method to cut down on the time it takes to level up the items that require more mat's to craft. the digging will be worse for more mats per item, but the crafting xp (which is what counts most if your digging in a land your already master in {like me}) will be better when your doing those other items because they have more mat's you get more xp as a result, it's math, but thanks to eruv and mainpixels and others i'll not name, i've learned that starting with staff for weapons and shield for armor is the BEST route to take to get max xp on all the other items in those trees (armor and weapons).

ok that's my 2 dappers on this one.


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