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Erminantius regardait les différents compte-rendu qu'il avait reçu sur les kitins. Et il se dit que le moment de faire un point était venu.
Il prit sa plume et commença à écrire les invitations pour les membres du SKA.
"Cher collégue,

je vous invite a nous réunir lundi soir à 21H30 à l'aréne matis afin de discuter ensemble de nos recherches sur les kitins.
Nous aborderons 2 sujets principalement:

- Mise a jour de nos connaissances sur les capacités de combats des kitins.
- Recherches à mettre en oeuvre sur les kitins:
1- retour sur le kitin captif
2- nouvelle recherche

Dans l'espoir de vous revoir à cette réunion.

Erminantius appela un jeune scribe.

"Bien, voici une lettre. 
Faites moi en des copies et envoyez ça à serae Shepeng, serae Remigra, serae Zendae, ser Salazar, ser Sygmus, ser Maximinus, ser Seternulon et le scribe royal ser copal."

NB : Traduction faite par Zendae

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The Terrible Kitin of the Depths in the Matis Arena is close to death, you should go and have a look at the Kitin health bar, would say he has about one week to live in real life.


#3 [fr] 

* Zendae reçue la convocation et envoya rapidement une nouvelle missive à un zélé zorai *
message à Siela

Une réunion du Sanekinion ten Kitina Aremei va avoir lieu très bientôt. Etant donné le travail que tu as accompli il serait bien que tu rencontres le vicomte et les autres membre du SKA. Soit présent.

Vae aiye,


Beauté, curiosité, virtuosité !

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Trill Antovaldo the Caretaker for the kitin of the Depths said it’s still eating ok, though not energetically as before. Something else seems wrong!

The kitin of the Depths health has improved a little tonight.


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Eagerly Siela read the letter of Zendae, directly after receiving it. When he finished he just feeled proud to be invited at first. After the first moments had passed, he felt sad, that this time wasn't very convenient for him. But as he wanted to be there very much, he decided to try and go there. Because he also wanted to speak of something not many had heard of yet: His project for Kitin Health. So he wrote back a letter to Zendae:

Siela to Zendae

Deles Silam Serae Zendae,

Thank you for inviting me to the meeting. I feel honored that you think that i am valuable enough to meet the whole SKA. Sadly this time doesn't fit very well for me. But I will try to come and rest as long as possible. I am not sure if you already heared it, but after I discovered the Kitin in Matis Arena, I began to feel sorry for it. So I try now, to go sit a bit with it each day. At the beginning, it didn't allow me anywhere near it, but now I can sit calmly beside it, as long as I don't have any weapon with me. But other than that, I haven't seen that it would feel any better, but I will continue my daily meeting with it.

Deles necat,



#6 [fr] 

Erminantius avez reçu les petits messages de la serae Ozwomen. A chaque fois il devait essayer de traduire le dialecte de Natae à l'aide de son dictionnaire de traduction.
il arrivait, plus ou moins bien, a comprendre ce que lui écrivait la serae. 

il prit la plume et malgrés l'absence de traducteur à ses cotés il envoya un message à la serae.
"Serae Ozwomen,

je ne doute pas de l'interêt que vous porter à la vie de ce kitin. Moi aussi, je vous l'assure. Et soyez assurer que je m'inquiéte de sa santé chaque jour que Jena fait.

Un des points que nous discuterons sera en effet la santé du kitin des profondeurs. Car il est important de le garder en vie afin de pouvoir mieux l'étudier.

Pour en reparler tous ensemble ce soir.

Vicomte d'Avalae"

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I was wondering if The Kitin of the Depth had been moved again.
I went to the arena to check on him, and found no sign of him the pen or the camp that was here.

Gaurdian of the Kingdom


Gaurdian of the Kingdom
Guild Leader of Spears of Eora

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[ooc](maybe you checked not long after a reboot of the server? Event team has to re-put this kind of stuff after a reboot.)[/ooc]

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Hello Erminantius,

The Kitin of the Depth is still missing. He has not been seen since 11 July. Do you know what has happened to him Erminantius. We have had a reboot of the server.


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You're looking in the Matis Arena, right?


It's bad luck to be superstitious . . .

Palta e decata, nan nec ilne matala.

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Maybe a kami-loving, Kipucka-rights group has kidnapped him???!!

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Naema subtly smiles.....

[Perhaps someone took up her agenda to Free the Kipucka, but she definitely doesn't support one group over another.]

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[OOC] The kitin has just been spawned again, thanks for the report! [/OOC]


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