[SKA] Réunion des membres du SKA

Erminantius was watching several reports he received about kitins. And he tought the time to take stock had come.
He tooked his pen and began to write down a invitation for membres of the SKA
"Dear colleague,

I invite you to meet on Monday 21h30 at matis arena in order to discuss together about all our researches about kitins.
We will discuss mainly about 2 subjects :

- Updating on our knowledges on kitin's fighting abilities.
- Research to start on kitins:
1- report about captive kitin
2- new research

In the hope of seeing you at this meeting


The vicomte called for a young scribe.

"Well, this is a letter.
Write me copies of it and send them to serae Shepeng, serae Remigra, serae Zendae, ser Salazar, ser Sygmus, ser Maximinus, ser Seternulon et the royal scribe ser copal."

NB: traduction by Zendae
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