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I have had Robplus ride me all over Atys, from mainland to mainland, So I have travelled in that manner before.

Question: Where is the Kitin's Lair? From Matis-lands, I know there are three places where I can ride to: 1: Fyros-lands, 2: Tryker-lands, and 3: Something called the Abyss of Ichor. I am trying to find "Ana Ryon" who is the Kitins' Lair Observer in the Kitin's Lair.

How/where is it?
More importantly, is it very dangerous?

I think I am going to get myself killed!

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Kitin Lair is accessable from your occupation teleport pacts, cult temples, and some NH transporters.

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Thank you!

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first you need to get to ALMATI WOODS from ANY NH or with pact's from occupations. the kitin lair can only be reached from there.


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