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I have a mount, I park it elsewhere and kill/harvest some things. I move things from my bag to the mount and repeat the process. Now when I park my mount in the stable. When I park the mount in the stable, I need to make several trips to put the things in my apartment.

Is there any way of transfering the things to/from the mount to my bag/apartment, or am I stuck with a point and click thing.

Yes, this a minor issue, but it is starting to drive me crazy.

Just asking...


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nope no other way but nobody stops you from parking your mount close to the appartment. Just don't block the entrance or you might find your mount is parked in demons lap :D

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OK, thank you.
I thought there might be a solution with a keystroke that I didn't know, but I will take your advice and park it NEAR my apartment.


I am a Fyros. What more do I have to say other than that?

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You can in your i'ventory rigth click on the mount and it should popup its inventory so you can dragg it around instead of right clicking eaxh item and choosing send to bag.


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it would be nice if you could place your mount or packer within 20m of the door to your apt you could access the inventory of the mounts and packers from within your apartment. i doubt however that is possible because apt's are not on the normal game map. (open your map inside your apt, you'll always be far to one corner or another, outside the normal play area.)

maybe they could make a way to "invite" your mount or packer to come in your apt if on fallow. (also not likely and could be messy)


ps. i often place my mount or packer close to my apt so that i can make quicker swaps.


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Suboxide: I just did your drag rather than click suggestion... It is better than the click thing.

Thank you.


I am a Fyros. What more do I have to say other than that?

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You can unequip jewels and armor and put them in you mount, then you have more space in your bag and don't need to go in/ out/port that often.

I use that strategy regularly to deliver bulky crafting missions :)

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You can also hold shift while dragging items from inventory to another. Holding shift will move the whole stack instead of asking you how many of them you want to move.


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Ooh good tip Rubiksmomo :-)


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You can also use the hold shift when exchanging and selling items as well. :-) I use it all the time!


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