What you think?
Not really needed I'm already THE BEST, but I'll proof it so YES!!!
Atys: Lactosintolernt
1 (1)
A night of killing males non stop? Hell YES I'm in!
Atys: Alluchen, Ember
I'll finally have a chance to kill 'X' and rub it in his face? Where do I sign up?
Atys: Aleeskandaro, Naema, Vorazun
I'm not the best but would love to see where I get, so I vote YES!
Atys: Aleeskandaro, Alluchen, Arfur, Bazett, Mainca, Naema, Omer, Pinks, Sienn
9 (1)
This could be a fun evening, Lets go for it.
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Atys: Aleeskandaro, Alluchen, Binarabi, Pinks, Talkirc
Not sure it's something for me but I might come and watch, sounds fun!
Atys: Arfur, Naema
No idea really but I'll vote here since clicking abstain sounds so boring.
Atys: Aleeskandaro, Marichia, Mate
NO!!!!! 0
NO, we don't need all that testosterone! Let's pick some flowers instead.
Atys: Ember, Karabas, Naema
Atys: Bitttymacod, Talkirc
Abstain 4

#1 [en] 

Just idea post to see what ppl think about it.

What would you think about a one night only 1v1 melee ladder system in matis arena. (can use /radom). Somthing like 3 rounds winner goes to next round looser can go cry out at the skull at the matis arena entrance (or stay and root for the rest).

Every homin pays 100k if they enter upfront, 200k if they enter day it'self (or something like this) => winner takes all and can rub it in all others faces, whats better then rub their own dapper in their faces when you win!

ALL weapons and armor types allowed (no idea if affis should thats something to be discussed if ppl like the idea), but if you come in with amps you better have a master h2h and no shooting puffy electrical bolts :p


#2 [en] 

ps. this seems new or I never noticed but if you like the idea also click on this :)


#3 [en] 

Up to 150 level's only? Like the little/ f2p ones?


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#4 [en] 

Nope can do that at cheaper prizes if there is enough that wanna do it


#5 [en] 

If this happens at a time when I'm on, I'll arrange to take side-bets on individual matches (for a percentage, of course).


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#6 [en] 

bittty: the atys bookie

i'll do my part if it's needed. (bank and english "speaker") {i work for without pay so tips are welcome and encouraged}



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#7 [en] 

Just give me monies now. When I win I buy GL position of GoS

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#8 [en] 

I'm gonna try to do this event soon but I would love ppl's Ideas about aflictions or no aflictions.

To be honest I'm kind of in the camp of just melee vs melee no aflictions allowed but if most ppl think affi's should be allowed I'll adapt without problems


#9 [en] 

Melee v melee is so.. binary.

You should make it real 1 v 1.

Only two rule: no consumables. No waiting for cooldowns before a fight.

All spells, enchants, gear, cooldowns, weapons, etc allowed.

Let there be something more creative that just a slapping contest for once.
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