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Hi guys. Maybe you should have a look at:

- - decentralized, distributed and federated chat protocol with many bridges (gitter, irc, slack etc)
- - one of the best project management out there
- nextcloud - file sharing and more
- nextcloud - with collabora/only office/etherpad for collaborative doc editing.

You could have all of those self hosted with ldap support to have all those services accessible with just one set of credentials. I'm hosting thos services, and more with project, so I could help you setup your instance of you want, or you could use our services.

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- We just switched to Rocket.Chat for chatting, including integration to game, so i guess we won't change again that fast :D
- Also Kanboard has just been introduced for the project managment and i doubt that it is useful to relearn how everything works once again

Both of them are self-hosted too.

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Ahh cool. Good to know things are in place and project is alive. I just wasn't sure since the links to kanboard werent working. I could setup bridge to rocketchat from matrix so ppl with preference to matrix could join too (just need to check whats needed for it).
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