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oui ça influe :)

Mais entre deux lourdes ça influe peut. Cela change surtout en changeant de type d'armure (sans parler des armes). Plus la stanza est haute plus on voit de différence.

Dans le contexte d'un combat contre des masses de kitins, nous pensons que c'est un critère négligeable. Le problème sera déjà d'avoir une cadence de heal supérieure à la cadence des dégâts reçus.

En duel homin vs homin, la légerté... peut être.

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#17 [en] 

someone mentioned the weight of the items, and i'd like to offer a thought or two about that. sure the weight "doesn't matter much" to most players, but there are things to think about: a homin can only carry so much weight before they can't move.... the heavy armor will "waste" space that could be used for something else very useful... sap crystals. crystals are vital for action on the move, and while i don't pvp, i know that pvp players can go through many crystals in a single encounter so having more with you is always better.

while weight isn't always importaint in everyday activity, if your into PVP weight of your gear could make a huge impact that's otherwise not seen.

just my random thoughts.


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