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Laofa (atys)
Lors de la réunion, je note la proposition de Kaetemi de créer des ligos, voir des cartes, pour un prix relativement modique (vu le temps que ça demande). Kaetemi est l'une des rares personnes à maitriser le pipeline graphique et avoir à la fois les outils, le matériel et les compétences pour arriver à faire quelque chose de bien. Sa proposition me semble vraiment très intéressante. J'imagine que le propriétaire de Ryzom devrait pouvoir débloquer un petit budget pour ça, pour le prix d'une carte graphique ou d'une console de jeu (derniers prix des concours) tous les joueurs gagneraient une petite île inédite... Et si la collaboration se passe bien, on pourrait ainsi envisager un crowfunding pour la carte de la région "new zone".

Yep, my offer still stands. Special cheap price for Ryzom CC BY SA only. It would be nice if an official crowdfunding could be organized.
Ligo blocks are 160x160 meters.
Unique landmark landscape block at 40 EUR.
Landscape block with buildings around 120 EUR depending on complexity.
Placement of trees and ambient sound plus data build and debug etcetera at 5 EUR per block (that counts for the total of the continent/island, including reusable blocks).

So for example, Silan island (which is actually pretty damn large) has a total of 116 blocks; of which 1 landmark for the kitin lair, 2 landmark for the tunnel, 9 landmark for lake, 10 landmark for goo zone, 1 landmark for arena, 4 with buildings for ruins, and 1 with buildings for start village; which makes for a total of 28 landmark blocks, 5 village blocks; so a total of 1120 EUR for the unique landmark landscape, plus 600 EUR for the villages; plus 580 EUR for the placement of flora and ambient sound etc.

For comparison, the old fyros newbieland has a total of 128 blocks; of which 0 landmark and 5 village, so that would be just 600 EUR + 640 EUR.

Fyros mainland is real crazy at about 480 all uniquely created landscape blocks plus the large Pyr city and the 2 villages... Very expensive. Matis mainland uses mostly generic reusable blocks and a number of landsmarks, similar to how Silan is constructed. PR regions also mostly reusable, except for Kitin Lair which is fully unique (and very nice) landmark blocks again.

And also for comparison, a Ryzom Ring island is on average about 10 blocks, no unique landmarks, no villages, so really boring and just 50 EUR for a generic island. (So that would be like just 170 EUR for a very small island with a very small village or a few landmarks, etc)

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sowohl als auch.

es geht ums Design, aber auch um die mehrfach Nutzung.

ein bereich besteht aus verschiedensten einzel Segmenten, die auch in anderen Landschaften evtl Nutzung finden können.

wenn du Ring 2 kennst weist du was ich mit mehrfach Nutzung meine ^^

das Design ist die eine Sache. dieses ist sozusagen die Idee und Vorstellung. diese wird aber aus Einzelteilen zusammengesetzt. genau wie aus Lego teilen etwas zusammengesetzt wird ^^


"Decateis I Kamirac" "Necateis Sye Mideshye"
"Decateis I Loke" "Necateis Atys Morhdeis"
"I Nidran Sye Alede E Sye Neyde Ilya Necateis I Ulca"

"Liberi I`Margus"

_ Graphic-Team _

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Talkirc (atys)
i think something got lost in the translation, because i'm not sure exactly what we're talking about here. are we talking about level design, or lego building block sets?

Levels are built out of 160x160m "ligo" blocks; you have a set of generic blocks for terrain and transitions between terrain blocks, in addition to that to make the landscape interesting you make unique landmark or village blocks.

You can see the reuse of blocks clearly in the fyros newbieland example. It's using the exact same lake three times (although you don't really notice ingame, because the positioning of trees, and so on, is different).

Basically, I'm offering to model additional ligo blocks with some buildings etcetera, as well as the assembly and gamedata build of the whole thing. Everything styled and painted just like the original Ryzom content. Whoever pays decides the design. ;)



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ahhh, thank you kaetemi for the clarification as i was confused previously. i would imagine that it's a great deal of work. i wish you good luck and i hope that your work will show others that things can be done. (and while i can't afford to pay for it, i'm sure there are others that are more well off then i that can. perhaps WG will loosen the purse strings for the end goal of creating something new)


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so by level you mean "zone" right ?

How is elevations handle ?

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Gersen (atys)
so by level you mean "zone" right ?

How is elevations handle ?


Elevation is handled in two ways.
First is by materials and transitions. Example, you have a ground material, a high material and a low material, the transitions will form walls between them; example use as continent edges, or the slope from desert to forest in matis continent.
Second there is a very low resolution heightmap which is used to offset the terrain blocks in height so you can create deep slopes and such; example use is the large downward slope part when going from north to south of matis continent.

In addition there's also maps to handle fog color and depht settings, rain settings, etc, depending on player position in the landscape.

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ok I see, thank you Sir :)
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