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Two years ago this eve I walked upon Atys for the first time. I had been away from MMORPGS for several years, Having abandoned Windows XP for Linux, and had found Ryzom merely by chance once evening when I was terribly bored and browsing the free games offered in the Ubuntu free software section.

As soon as I gained my bearing I began to explore the Island of Silan, a place filled with many wonders, many dangers, and of course many kind homins. I marveled at how beautiful the game was for something that I was not yet paying for, but even more I was struck by how kind so many of my fellow travelers were. It was something I had not experienced since the early days of my first game – Everquest – back when the game and the server I was on – were both brand new.

While at two years my time in Ryzom has been short compared to many who have been in this world for many years longer – I have been here long enough to realize that it is one of the best game communities I have known. It is not perfect, no gaming world is, but so far I am still count my positive experiences as far outnumbering the rare negative ones. For this I thank the many friends I have made along the way, especially those wonderful members of the Guardians of Shadows, which I joined shortly after my arrival on the mainland.

As I browsed through my friends list this evening I was reminded of so many who are no longer with us in this world, Their names remain there forever, as even though I may not recall every one of their faces, I know that they must have made a positive impression on me at one time in my life on Atys. Where ever these gone, but not forgotten friends are now, I truly hope they are in places of happiness. To them I offer my thanks.

To my guild, to the friends that I still see daily, and to those I may only know from chat channels or the occasional wave across the Void, I also want to express my thanks. Thank you for making my first two years in Atys such very happy ones.

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Beautifully said, nair-Rowwena


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That is really lovely Row, as Bittty says "beautifully said" :)


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*Hides his sadness*
Bouuuuuuuuuh !
Everyone would come back again...
*Gets his axe and looks for some slackers at stables to kill*
(Nice words Rowwena )

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good to know your keeping the light on roww, atys suffers far too much from the loss of players, for any reason they might have.


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Very lovely words rowwena :-) very warming to read :-)

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You post brought a warm smile to my face rowwena :)

Just a few days ago, I counted 3 years on Ryzom and just like you found Ryzom one boring day whilst browsing on the Mac App store. For me, Ryzom has been the only MMORPG.

Those who left, for me, are still in my heart and I keep the memories of them alive whenever I can, even telling new homins about them :)

You really have reminded me of how captivating and beautiful this world is again.

*/em nods firmly.*


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lovely post, roww :)
seems we've been playing for the exact amount of time too.

for friends

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Two years of wasted days and wasted nights.



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