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Hello here some OP info:))

If you declared the war to an Outpost , you need at least a guild member that is online and the level of the outpost corresponds to ( His level must be at least 50 levels below that of the outpost are ) . This member must also have a certain time in a guild to be to declare an outpost of the war can , to 5 days to a level click 50 outposts , 10 days for a Level 100 outposts , and so on up to 25 days for a 250 outposts .

200 op declare 8mill
Squads 40000k
Drill 8mill (can have cheaper also)

250 op declare 16mill
Squads 50000k
Drill 10mill 

Drill Construction time 60min 

Respect & Honor 

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Are you sure of this? Why is there no OFFICIAL information about this.


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thanks agan for trying to provide some answer to this question.


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