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None of the portals in the lakes areas are showing up on my map when i go through them . The only spawn points showing up is fairhaven and the one portal from pr into bounty beaches. I havent reached the portal to matis from lagoons of loria yet but the one coming into loria did not show up.

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Those portals between region within the land never showed up nor are they meant to. You get respawn points, not portals on your map. Fyros and Zoraï will only ever get 3 of them show up as far as i can recall. The one in Bounty Beaches, Fairhaven Kami TP, and Lagoons of Loria. Portals between regions aren't respawn points.

But the fact is this is kind of unbalanced.

In Jungle you have 3 Portal/Respawn points leading to Prime Roots, and 1 to Desert, and 1 In or Near Zora that everyone gets. That Adds up to 5 Respawn Points.

In Desert you have 2 to Prime Roots, 1 to Jungle, 1 to Forest and 1 in or near Pyr that everyone gets. Also adds up to 5 Respawn Points.

In Forest You have 1 to Prime Roots, 1 to Desert, 1 to Lakes and 1 in or near Yrkanis that everyone gets. This add up to 4 Respawn Points.

In Lakes you get 1 to Prime Roots, 1 to Forest and 1 in or near Fairhaven that everyone gets. This adds up to 3 Respawn Points.

Now for the Towns.

If Kami favored race; Fyros/Zoraï:

In the Jungle you get respawn points at Hoï-Cho, Min-Cho, and Jen-Lai. With the previous 5 that is 8 in total.

In the Desert you get respawn points at Dyron, Thesos. With the previous 5 that is 7 in total.

If Karavan favored race; Tryker/Matis:

In the Forest you get respawn points at Davae, Natae, Avalae. With the previous 4 that is 7 in total.

In the Lakes you get respawn points at Avendale, Crystabel, Windermeer. With the previous 3 that is 6 in total.

You can see how this is majorly unbalanced.
All nations except Desert have 4 Towns and all 4 towns are within the level 50 zone.
Both Lakes and Forest have access to only 1 region of Prime Roots.
Lakes have the least amount of respawn points and is the toughest to get around due to all the swimming and cliffs in the water and long swim into a dead end.
Only the Forest have a pvp Area beside Prime Roots and Nexus (technically Nexus is Forest too).
Only the lakes have regions separated by uncrossable walls and portals.
Only the Jungle have goo affected areas.

If i left anything out, feel free to add.


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not all portals are also respawn points, only (as far as i know) portals that lead to another land are respawns.

so going from say winds of muse into loria doesn't count.

but going from loria into HH does, because it crosses untold distance between the lakes and the forest.

also portals don't show up on the map, even after you go through, so it's best to mark your map with a flag for the location

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