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I have a long list of fine loot mats that i use for crafting, and would be glad to trade exe dig mats (better than 1:1 ratio depending) for certain fine dig mats that you may be throwing away

anywhere between q200-q300 mats such as: (>>> = wanted more)

>>>kiro tail (fine 253)

kipee secretion (fine 238)

horncher secretion (fine 247)

gubani nails (fine 206)

>>>timari nails (fine 225)

>>>yelk shroom (fine 213)

>>>cuttler leather (fine 231 or fine 251)

jugula ligament (fine 255)

plod eyes (fine 250)
bolobi eyes (fine 250)
bolobi tooth (fine 250)
shalah eye (fine 250)

whoever contacts me would pretty much just save certain mats even in small amounts and whenever you want to trade, let me have your list too

if this sounds appealing to anyone please feel free to reply here, email, or message in game

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