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Another true interface (as opposed to expanded function request).

Currently the crafting interface for amps shows the magical enhancements in the order of Speed then Power for Elemental, Offensive Aff, Defensive Aff and Healing. The info window for amps shows the same stats in the order Elemental, Offensive Aff, Healing, Defensive Aff. Could we change one or the other so that they match? It would make comparing recipes to results much easier.

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I thought this was a thread to collect ideas, not -1s

Correct! Please only state your thoughts without commenting on those of others. We want to know *your* ideas, and not what you think of the ideas of somebody else.

Be assured that we will look at factors like "ryzomness", "immersion" and "gameplay effects" when looking at implementing any of these ideas.

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BTW I've gone all sywindt on the thread and deleted all posts that did not add any ideas. This not because I don't love you but to just keep things clean. I get enough headache from having to read French already ;)

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BTW I've gone all sywindt on the thread


  • The character limit in mail and forum posts from in game.
  • Compass resetting from target to north when teleporting or restarting the game.
  • CTRL+M activates the chat window even when CTRL+M is set to open/close my macro window (it does both).
    Auto add of stanzas to the shortcut bar. It's handy for new homins but after a while, what a pain! Perhaps make it an option?
  • Chat line character limit. Normal chat, this is not a problem. Setting a guild MOTD becomes a problem especially if using multiple colors in the message. I understand and like the limit for normal chat but sometimes those guild MOTDs need to be a little longer. Perhaps a separate dialog in the Guild window to set the MOTD? Example MOTD that barely fits: /guildmotd @{f44f}WAR! Saturday 26 May 2012, 1100 UTC. @{f80f}Assembly of the Awakened Friday 25 May 2012, 2000 UTC. @{ee3f}Keep up to date on all the guild news by reading the forums! ((shift + w))

  • Love the inventory filters, would like to see the vendor filters of craft materials (armor shell, magic focus, etc.) added to inventory filters. Basically make inventory filters identical to vendor filters.
  • Select and Copy to clipboard from the chat windows! It's a pain to have to pull up my log file to simply copy and paste to a browser.
  • Mark forum posts as unread or star them for later reading.
  • AFK notice (change of icon) in friends and guild lists.

Yes, I realize that some of these might not fall under THE UI as intended but all are UI issues.


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It's time I think about this, which is half and half, a tool which is strictly related to UI, so I'm not sure this is the right thread: keep it, move it, or delete it, as you want.

As a newbie, I found many difficulties in comparing items capabilities: have to look at each info more and more times, to see (and try to understand) the differences... really hard indeed.

So, having a way to check a flag, into one item's infos, and then select another item (from Inventory, merchant, in-hands, somewhere) to compare with, will be very helpful. This can be made for 1-to-1 or to 1-to-many comparing, as you think it's useful: I found it useful, the 1-to-many, in EVE-online, where tens of little items' differences must be compared to choose the best one... or the less worst ;))


Item #1
Fine Jab Dagger of Sap load
Origin: Fyros
Quality: 10
Weight: 6,64 kg
Bulk: 5,00
Hit Points: 121/121
Sap load: 0/1428
Skill: master dagger

Requirements: none

Damage type: piercing
Damage: 9 (9)
Hit/Minute: 38
Reach: 0
Dodge modifier: 5
Parry modifier: -14
Adv. dodge mod.: -5
Adv. parry mod.: 13
Action malus: +10
One-handed Fyros dagger

Item #2
Fine Jab Dagger of Damage
Origin: Fyros
Quality: 10
Weight: 6,59 kg
Bulk: 5,00
Hit Points: 121/121
Sap load: 0/574
Skill: master dagger

Requirements: none

Damage type: piercing
Damage: 14 (14)
Hit/Minute: 38
Reach: 0
Dodge modifier: 3
Parry modifier: -12
Adv. dodge mod.: -7
Adv. parry mod.: 15
Action malus: +10
One-handed Fyros dagger

This is the nowadays behaviour, so one have to switch from one info to the other (and there is no way to have the two info windows opened at the same time, and if it can be done, it should be cluttering anyway) and look at each single parameter to try understanding (1) which is the better weapon and (2) which is better for him.


Item #1 #2 difference
#1: Fine Jab Dagger of Sap load
#2: Fine Jab Dagger of Damage
Origin: Fyros Fyros
Quality: 10 10 0
Weight: 6,64 6,59 -0,05 kg
Bulk: 5,00 5,00 0,00
Hit Points: 121/121 121/121 0/0
Sap load: 0/1428 0/574 0/-854
#1: master dagger
#2: master dagger

#1: none
#2: none

Damage type: piercing piercing
Damage: 9(9) 14(14) +5(+5)
Hit/Minute: 38 38 0
Reach: 0 0 0
Dodge modifier: 5 3 -2
Parry modifier: -14 -12 +2
Adv. dodge mod.: -5 -7 +2
Adv. parry mod.: 13 15 +2
Action malus: +10 +10 0

So, difference values from #2 compared to #1 are shown in green when it represents a bonus, in red when a malus.
It can be added a #1 vs #3..#n comparison too, if deemed interesting, but at least #1 vs #2 it's what one needs. :)
The comparison tool should compare "comparable" properties only, and refuses things which 're not comparable at all.
I'm sure it will be an hard utility to create, but it seems to me it can be needed even at high levels.

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Action Bar/Aciton Editing Window Enhancements:
- Selectable Icons for the Actions
- Tool Tip to explain WHY an action cannot be used/cast (Requires Piercing Weapon, for example)
- Second, more customizable, Action Bar - Maybe a couple more, or just the ability to separate the Action Bar's 'pages' from the main Action Bar, and move them around as their own window. This would act just as the tabbed Chat Windows minus the tabs.
- Add the ability to drag an Action 'OFF' of the bar so that it actually deletes the Action. Just a simpler and quicker way to remove actions, versus right-click/delete action.
- Make the Current Action 'cast' bar moveable/disable-able. I usually don't even pay attention to it, I just focus on the one right above my character's head and the one under the action bar seems like it should be moveable.

I do know that the 'cast' bar can be changed to appear in the gauge window, however that just takes up more room, and once again it's still not used, at least imho.

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I have been looking around some more things came to mind

In the Menu:
System -> Game Configuration (the label is too long for the menu)

Inventory + Loot Windows:
Some times the number for the quality is hardly readable on the icons for materials.

Animal Window:
if the weight is > 10 the number will be over the house symbol for the stable.

It might be nice to update the help in general.
The bubbles that show up during the tutorial are not really visible that long so one might miss them.

Make the windows look more consistent:
Currently there are those like the message window with the close/help/options bar on top.
Some without the bar but with a cross for closing (MP3 player, window overview, ...)
And those with neither (actions bar, main chat, ...)

Possibilities to sort the Order of Tribes in the fame window (by name and fame asc/desc)

Filter for mission givers with multiple ones (hide/show missions of type X)

Hide or grey out options that are not usable at the moment in the menu (and other places I might have overlooked) like the "leave team" action while not being in a team.

Lock for the Zoom on the compass

Change the position of the inscene help to a better place (eg. hovering over the action progress bar - center top of screen; shows the help below the menu - right middle of screen)

Nice to have
Make it possible to change the guild description (leader only)

Make an option to remember the selected page on the action bar after a relog.

Show unknown tribes in the fame window as greyed out once you've seen them (you know them but they don't know you)


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