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The ring is one of the best features Ryzom has to offer roleplayers, and players that enjoy player made content. Plus the ring allows players some understanding of the mechanics behind what it takes to create missions and new areas for our game, and even allows players an opportunity to test skills without Death Penalty against named and boss MOBS. Above all it is a great past time and distraction from the grind. The one disappointment is that the Ring doesn’t reward the players, adding a reward for creating scenarios and participation of them can help improve it, and perhaps add more interest to the feature.

Participating in Live RP Events hosted by the Event Team earns us Roll Play Points (RPP). Why not use RPP for the ring too? Allow AM’s to earn RPP by the amount of players that complete the tasks in a scenario. Convert RPP to RRPP (Ring Role Play Points) so that they are used by AMs for the purchase of Ring content. And reward participants with titles that can be logged in Halls of Fame. Halls of fame are for the moment useless in the Ring. Consider activating them like they are at the temples, and used for players to see information about the scenario, a ranking of players that completed them.

What is Ring Content?

This would be the designing items not yet available in the ring, packers and mounts, city buildings, temples, stables, bars, even guards like the ones available with Outposts, etc…

Why would we want additional Ring Content?

Additional content can allow us to expand the game world and offer new areas of explorations. The possibilities are limitless (within the Rules of course).

An example of an expanding game world feature is based on Ring Content (But server hosting would be needed for this level of content):

One way, allow guilds to create guild owned settlements in the Ring. These guild settlements could be built on terrain leased by the civilizations, establishing an expansion of that civilization. Guild own settlements could include player housing and guild halls, even trading merchants of guild inventory content accessible to guild members only.

An entire GvG event could be drawn out from this idea, where players need to collect the needed resources to build these settlements in PvP zones or Kitin or Goo infected areas (similar to the idea for the construction of the Temples).

The Karavan and Kami can also be involved by providing a teleport pack directly to guild settlements (a perk based on alignment or level of guild fame with the cult), provided the guild pays for the services in whatever method fits the lore. I’d even go as far as to allow these settlements to be PvP tagged like OP. What could be gain from attacking player settlement? The loot in GH inventory, GvG titles, civ faction points, even cult faction points, or other ideas that the community and Devs can agree on.

The goal here is to improve the Ring and make it more rewarding for players. Start with the basics, reward RRPP and open more content to be used for the ring. Reward both scenario AMs and participants.

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think proper buildings might help a bit, the "stuff available is a bit limited.
think back in the day everyone hoped for customisable terrain too but it was a bridge too far.
ouh how about bridges in all :o)


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As a creator of various scenarios who has spoken much about the Ring with other creators, I think I speak for most when I say there is only one reward for creating scenarios that is at both necessary and sufficient; both the minimum reward we need to consider the effort, as well as all the reward we could wish for.

That is to have as many players as possible play our scenarios. And that requires that players can access our scenarios at all times and without having to jump through hoops to get in. And that requires that scenarios can be available without needing a logged-in account to babysit them.

Even if it gives me a gazillion dappers, a million RPP, every item in existence and an extra character slot pre-filled with a 250-everything character, nothing will motivate me to create more scenarios if every scenario I make is only played by 3 players because it's only accessible at those few select times when I'm actively hosting it.

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i get it marelli, but have ye ever tried being in your scenarios? taking control of the npcs. more fun than it looks. think we again aren't using the sandbox to the full extent.
cue depression spiral about pvp and generic grinding....


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Come back Nikopol, come back! :D

Server hosting for scenarios without having to be logged in would be awesome.

Since Ryzom is an open source, can a player provide a server for the ring? And can a feed be charged for hosting scenarios - nothing too extravagant but say 4$ to help support with server cost, or requesting a donation for the very purpose - is it allowed?

Additional ideas to help support a server for the ring is selling content packs (has been suggested before). I happen to agree, I see nothing wrong with adding a store for ring content only, as long as it has nothing to do with buying catalizers or other in-world content that would ruined how we play Ryzom now. So in other words the Ring would have a store but the game doesn't.

I don't want to derail the topic but the question is somewhat related: aren't Devs allowed access to the Ryzom code, what is the purpose of having access to the Ryzom code, and Is it to create new worlds, to add new content to the game?

I'm not a Dev I know nothing about 3++ or whatever the game language is. However, the ring is a great tool I can use and understand, and it can be used to add new content to the game. Granted not all ring scenarios would make ideal game expansions, but a voting tool could be created to help select the few worthy scenarios, or have a steady flow of ring contests for the purpose of adding the winning scenario as a new explorable world with server hosting.

The main goal here is to expand on the ring idea and make it more rewarding for the AM and the players. It is really sad to look at the ring NPC window and see it empty on all shards. Especially when Ryzom was the first MMO to give this power to the players, a featured that has been copied by other MMO's, I think is time we brainstorm to improve the Rz for our own game.

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Alright, sub payed, see me back tomorrow xD

that said: there DOES need to be a reward if there is no permanent hosting.

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Well rewards for what and how? This does seem alot work for the dev that would take him away from working on actual ingame content on a feature that they have no idea they can get to work.
Don't misunderstand me I love the ring, if I see one is up I go explore it, alse tried to make some myself but never really anything worthy of releasing.
And the rewards thing I have no idea you could try asking Cotare from to try to incorperate some kind off achievements or you could do like Ghuiss and charge ppl some dapper to play in his demented world :p


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Perhaps if ppl start writing ring scenarios that are good enough it would take pressure of the devs. It would act like filler content allowing devs to have more time to create a long time story arc.


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I have to agree with Kilgoretrout there, players generating content is a superb way of getting more content faster.

I still think a voting system, with scenarios getting high votes being allowed continuous online time (perhaps for a price, 4 euros per month for 2/3 scenarios?)

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Creator of the most good enough scenarios gets title "Lord of the Ring"? :P

I'd gladly *pay* $1 per month to have my scenario perma-hosted. It annoys the heck out of me that in my wide-eyed naivety I put hundreds of hours of work in them thinking I was contributing to making more content for Ryzom and now they're just sitting unused.

But Subo is correct that perma-hosting is not sufficient anymore at this point. There are many bugs affecting the Ring that need to be fixed for it to take off. Many people cannot get into the Ring at all, or crash every time they try. And there is a recent bug that anyone playing a Ring-scenario gets a "go to GM-mode" button.

That is the sad thing; had perma-hosting been in from the start, the Ring might've taken off and in a thriving Ring there would be no question of whether it was worth the dev time to fix those bugs. But now can we take the devs away from actual ingame content for something that might never take off anymore?

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I had no idea they were that bad. I've been creating a scenario but seem I shouldn't bother if others can't even get in them. I'm disappointed.

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they should let ye do left for dead style crazyness where several folks get to take over npc's and kitin vs your invited guests.
still think the orginial idea is around being in the scenarios plotting stuff rather than leaving them running with the host not there...


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last I heard was that only windows clients can get in the ring ppl one the mac and linux client can get in (ppl on linux can install the winodws client with wine to be able to play in the ring no idea if mac even has that option)


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