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A Massive attaque of kitins is planned on Yrkanis at the end of spring

(Sunday evening 21h CET 20h UTC)

the Karan entrusted me to elaborate a defence strategy.

This is my strategy :

1. Utiliser le terrain, block the kitin flow into psykoplas mound

Kitins will come from the north (from tunnel of woe)
Instead of waiting of them at Yrkanis gate we will first wait for them more in the north, at psykoplas mounds. And break their number by sticking them in the relief.

- Mages (70%) will spread in highs as marked on the joined map.
- Warriors (20%) will lock the exit of the defile, and some strategique points
- Scouts (10%) will be in charge of luring kitins into the defile or on west mound if the first one is too "full".
Kitins will be stuck in the defile or on west mound highs.

Mages: use a bombe spell of ice, go only up on the Est mound. The west one will be used to stuck the kitins, it's easy for them to climb on it on the north, but only a narrow exit in the south.
Warrior : Forbid all goes of kitins at your assigned point. Hold fast !
Scouts : at first positionned in line in the north from west to east, wait for the kitins, and lure them in the defile or west mound, until the warrior's lock. Work by pair, heal with enchant. As soon as you passe the warriors, get around mounds by the West and start again. Be carefull not to let a kitin column going to the capital !

2 withdrawal to Yrkanis

If first part doesn't make it (for various reasons), we withdraw at Yrkanis gate, in a large compact group formation, mages at centre, warriors all around.
- Warriors (40%) make a protective wall around mages. Refrain from charging forward and by the same creating a hole in the formation. Protect mages at first, kill wounded kitins.
- Mages (50%) use ice bombe cast as before. Of course you also need to heal. Kidinak are first target.
- Scouts (10%), out of the group, Unload warriors of a part of kitin pressure by luring some of them away. You may use the help of Karavan sentinels or Kami at the north to finish them.

Equipment :

All : jewel set with protections on electricity, acid, poison (if you have). Cristal sap.
Warriors : antipercing armor, Pike or axe.
Scouts : medium armor a combined one, provided that you have enough range with enchants.
Mages : light clothes, but bring something to protect you during the withdrawal (medium vest and sleeves, helmet).

Meeting point : south of Psykoplas mounds

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Filarae Zendae --

Not to criticise your plan in the least, but I would like to emphasize that the Scouts are critical to the success of this plan!

Without active and successful Scouts, the kitins will pass Psykopla Mound on both the east and the west. Those who plan to act as Scouts should be aware of this, and should be ready to act bravely, swiftly and resolutely to distract them.

-- Bittty


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Votre plan peut fonctionner... mais fort de l'expérience de la précédente attaque, il est à craindre que les kitins contournent purement et simplement le monticule et longent la falaise par le nord jusqu'au temple de la Karavan.
Je préconise qu'une seconde ligne de défense attende d'ors et déjà plus près d'Yrkanis pour nous laisser le temps de nous replier en cas d'échec dans le monticule des psykoplas.

Quoiqu'il en soit, ma hache sera au service de Royaume...

Matis aiye, Jena aiye !


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OOC question: is poison protection for protection for jewels actually necesary? What I mean is how does poison protection affect the kirostas' special attack. Does it affect both the 'physical' (?) damage caused when it uses its sting and the rather lame subsequent poison drain, or just the latter?  If just the latter then fire may be a better choice.  Apologies for hijacking the thread but this issue has always confused me.

Other than that I hope you all die screaming and Yrk burns to the ground :D

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Lacuna (atys)
OOC question: is poison protection for protection for jewels actually necesary? What I mean is how does poison protection affect the kirostas' special attack. ..
Well, with poison protection you will indeed have bit of the (ridiculous) kirosta dot shielded. I think electric protection is ways more important, as kincher spells are indeed damaging.

A suggestion for simple makeshift jewels would be 5 sarina seed 4 sha 1 soo amber, all choice. That would result in 50% electricity protection (exc amber raises it to 65%), and 100% jungle resistance with 50% forest and desert resistance (one may play around with different seeds etc. for different resistances).


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Zendae read ranger Bittty's missive only after the battle, victorious for homins. Yes, the task of scouts that consist of luring kitins was important. It worked until a certain point. Until homin were anyway to busy with former attacking group to deal with the one passing them on the side. However, Zendae tought that it was a important experience, that one shouldn't forget. If we would be able to direct kitin's flow, we would raise chance of victory for battles to come.

>>> "how does poison protection affect the kirostas' special attack. Does it affect both the 'physical' damage [...] and the rather lame subsequent poison drain, or just the latter?"

To check this, wear a antipoison set, and look sys info :)
=> you'll see that it affect the main special attack. And I agree we don't care much about the subsequent.
Special attack from kincher, kinrey, zerx etc. is always count as physical, but is reduced by jewel set (with few exeptions). Resistance is useless with those attacks, only protection count. But resistance works with plants, and spells casted by homins.
Kinchers and kinreys have the strongest special attack among kitins


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