Massive attack of Kitins in forest, defence strategy

Zendae read ranger Bittty's missive only after the battle, victorious for homins. Yes, the task of scouts that consist of luring kitins was important. It worked until a certain point. Until homin were anyway to busy with former attacking group to deal with the one passing them on the side. However, Zendae tought that it was a important experience, that one shouldn't forget. If we would be able to direct kitin's flow, we would raise chance of victory for battles to come.

>>> "how does poison protection affect the kirostas' special attack. Does it affect both the 'physical' damage [...] and the rather lame subsequent poison drain, or just the latter?"

To check this, wear a antipoison set, and look sys info :)
=> you'll see that it affect the main special attack. And I agree we don't care much about the subsequent.
Special attack from kincher, kinrey, zerx etc. is always count as physical, but is reduced by jewel set (with few exeptions). Resistance is useless with those attacks, only protection count. But resistance works with plants, and spells casted by homins.
Kinchers and kinreys have the strongest special attack among kitins


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