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First off, I can't talk about Ryzom Tools w/o first mentioning the other great tools that are available to Ryzom Players:

Kipeecraft - I had the pleasure for a time (yes it was enormously fun for a math geek) of participating in the development of Arcueid's wonderful crafting simulator. Now at version 1.2 it's the best way to keep your hair and blood pressure down while trying to figure out new recipes

Ryzom Forum Thread - Kipee Craft Pre-1.2
Home Page - See above
Download Location - See above
Manual and Install Instructions - See above

Zyroom - The Guild Officer's favorite tool allows you to monitor toon and guild inventories for multiple toons / guilds, tells ya when new season starts, saves chats, backups up ya files, etc.

Ryzom Forum Thread - Tired of Losing your Keybinds and Markers
Home Page - Misugi's Zyroom Home Page
Download Location - Misugi's Latest Download
Manual and Install Instructions - Install Instructions

As for other available tools , that are not "in game" ... at least 'as yet"...


This tool is based upon the Season Availability Data, which most folks currently access from BM's maps

The original spreadsheet based Bunny Tool from years ago, was checked against BM Maps and a significant number of corrections were made based upon BMs current Map Data. The old "X's which indicated "available" were then replaced with either an open circle (indicating Day) or filled in circle (indicating night) as per in game mechanics:

Much of the credit here for this tool goes to BM's mapping crew, all that we added, if you will, was an "at a glance" GUI to save peeps the effort or bouncing back and forth between web pages.

Th tool simply combines the two stated sources of information in one "at a glance" place. Just look at the tables by season, look at the location table and the times that the material will be available are listed by row. Of course by time, we are referring to the time (day or night) as defined:

Day = 03:00 => 22:00
Night = 22:00 => 03:00

Use your browser to best view this thread and its images.  Click on the image when it appears to zoom in.

Burning Desert
Exe Mats Availability Guide - Desert

Aeden Aqueous
Exe Mats Availability Guide - Lakes

Exe Mats Availability Guide - Jungle

Verdant Heights
Exe Mats Availability Guide - Forest

Black Text on White Background = Day
White Text on Black Background = Night
Black Text on Gray Background = Day or Night

Instructions on how to use the guides and interpret Atys Weather can be found here:

Exe Mats Availability Guide - Instructions


This tool is similar to the above except all the supreme weathers have already been mapped and that spreadsheet version includes a "last dug feature".  Opening the app tells you what sups are in what season, in what weather, how long till that weather appears and how long till the nodes refill. Sample below:


Yubo Maps is basically an offline reader for the Ryzom Raum Maps that are now hosted on site.   After installing the program, ask it to update the maps; it will visit the silenda site and d/l the latest maps. Comes in handy when the site is down for maintenance or if you have trouble running ya browser and Ryzom at the same time. Maps are also resizable which comes in handy for those hard to locate spots.

Key feature here is that by registering on the silenda site, you can add your own locations.  Keep supporting silenda by registering on the silenda site and updating the maps when ya find a new resource. Special thanks to Selene and all Silenda contributors for participation in this effort.


This spreadsheet based tool summarizes all of your craft points and let's you know how many more skill points / levels ya need to "get all the [insert your craft here] patterns" ? This should help but as many were bought years ago, looking for folks to cover my memory losses (CRS Syndrome) and changes over the years.


As above, this spreadsheet as above, tracks your skill points, how many ya got, how many ya need, etc.


Similar to the other Bunnynet spreadsheet based tools, this spreadsheet provides suggested combinations regarding mix of basic versus improved practices to reach ya goals most efficiently and also provides progress tables for each profession.

The progress stables let you look at how many experience points you have earned and thereby experiment with what choices you have to most efficiently reach the experience threshold for advancement to the next level.


This spreadsheet tool has some potential updating to be done as I haven't looked at it in a long while.   Basically this tool was developed by collecting all my old notes, Game Release Notes and archived forum posts into a single file.  You can plug in your crafted item QL and determine what stats are potentially available.

Looking for peeps to confirm data and formulae as it hasn't been looked at in years and the formulae and thresholds have oft changed over time.  Contact FyrosFreddy IG if interested in participating.

Forum Post:  Crafting Ranges

These are images including the latest changes that have been uncovered so far:

Crafting Ranges - Weapons

Crafting Ranges - Armor

I will see if I can push this one up on the priority list to be converted into an in game app.  The red numbers need to be confirmed.  The blue ones is where ya put in ya level and it calculates the relevant columns.


This tool exists basically as a spreadsheet bit is most oft used as an image file. It lists:

Tribe Name
Tribe Race
Tribe Religion
Tribe Location
NPC's in Camp (w/ fame required to get missions)
Wandering NPC's (no fame requirement)
Wandering NPC's (fame requirement = 0)
* - Means that a normal "Camp Position" NPC is pout wandewring around or visa versa
=>- Means that a position exists in duplicate and thet the NPC is actually in the position to right

Tribes Table


Yubo Maps and the spreadsheet based tools may be obtained by sending an IG mail to FyrosFreddy w/ your e-mail address.

The spreadheets are Excel based (*.xls) files which can be opened and used in just about any spreadsheet program .... I use Open Office which can be downloaded here:

Open Office Suite


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