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Excellent Mats Availability Guides

The Excellent Mats Availability Guides map, in table format, the seasons, time (Day / Night) and weather for all Excellent Grade Harvesting Materials. In order to use these maps, you will need to understand Atys Weather.

First thing to know about the weather on Atys is that it has nothing to do with '"climatalogical conditions" (rain, fair, thundery, etc) that you see on the map. The only accurate indicator of weather that exists is the weather map on BM Web Site.

Upon arriving on the BM site, (, click on the Atys Date which is shown as 06h - Dua, Pluvia 14, 3rd AC 2588 in blue text in the image below.  Under the calendar bar chart, you will see "weather graph (click)" in light text.  Click on it.

The weather graph lists the weather for the nine (9) regions.  Since, in all likelihood, at any given time, you will be focusing on just one (1) region, clicking on the names of  of the regions on the horizontal axis, will "turn off" those regions in which you are not currently interested.

The image may be confusing in the the horizontal lines on the graph have two "good" and two "bad" regions.  The line between the two goods / bads may be ignored.  Each horizontal line represents a 0.167 increase along the vertical axis.  There are only four (4) weather patterns ...

Best Weather = 0.000 => 0.167 Humidity (vertical axis)
Good Weather = 0.167 => 0.500
Bad Weather = 0.500 => 0.833
Worse Weather = 0.833 => 1.00

This image below is a representation of the BM Weather Graph for the Desert region (Fyros).  Where the orange line crosses the red line is the current weather.  In this instance, I have clicked on all the other regions to make them "grayed out" except for Fyros Lands.

In the image above you see a representation of what happens when you mouse over the region "Fyros", you will get a little pop up window telling you that the weather is "Best / 0.100"

Each horizontal line indicates a numerical value increase of 0.167.  The darker shaded areas are night time and **remember** mats only pop during day or night.  In the linked images below, "day" (03:00 - 22:00) is indicated by black text on a white background, "night" (22:00 - 03:00) by white text on a black background.  Areas which have not as yet been mapped for weather, use an open circle for "day" and filled in circle for "night".

Upon completing the Desert Region, it was determined that:

- There was no significance to the division line on the graph between the 2 good and 2 bad regions.
- Spot checking lower regions (50 - 200) revealed that weather patterns heal throughout all regions.
- All materials pop during two different weathers only.

While every weather availability was confirmed for every mat in every weather (all 6) in the 250 zone (Scorched Corridor), no attempt was made to verify every mat / weather pattern in remaining regions.  Loria was also checked extensively and each mat was confirmed to pop in two different weathers.  Once this was shown, no attempt as made to confirm that additional weathers were negative.

Spot checks were made in Forest and Jungle and also and found to be consistent with other regions. Three (3) exceptions known at this time ... Pha, Sha and Zun in Void (250) have different seasonal, time and weather patterns.  The following images are large and best viewed out of game in your browser.

Burning Desert
Exe Mats Availability Guide - Desert

Aeden Aqueous
Exe Mats Availability Guide - Lakes

Exe Mats Availability Guide - Jungle

Verdant Heights
Exe Mats Availability Guide - Forest


1.  IG Tool now in game.  Type "/appzone 1823"
2.  Nexus is Mapped
3.  Mapping Prime Roots regions


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